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@@ -16,3 +16,5 @@ I would like to be able to create links with underscores. I realize this is a fe
> i assume that this behavior stems from times when wikilinks and [[ikiwiki/directive]]s were not distinguished by \[[ vs \[[! but by the use of whitespace in directives, so whitespace had to be avoided in wikilinks.
> --[[chrysn]]
+> having hacked around in the [[plugins/link]] plugin, i can confirm that the link texts are explicitly de-escaped, and that when no pipe is inside the link (ie links like `\[[cmd_test]]`), the string `"cmd_test"` is regarded as a link (that will subsequently be converted to a readable text) rather than as a readable text (for which a suitable link target is found automatically). --[[chrysn]]
@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ All wikis are supposed to have a [[sandbox]], so this one does too.
This site generally runs the latest release of ikiwiki; currently, it runs
ikiwiki [[!version ]].
-## developer resources
+## developer resources
The [[RoadMap]] describes where the project is going.
[[Bugs]], [[TODO]] items, [[wishlist]] items, and [[patches|patch]]
-can be submitted and tracked using this wiki.
+can be submitted and tracked using this wiki. [[|]]
Ikiwiki is developed by [[Joey]] and many contributors,
and is [[FreeSoftware]].
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ these are the topics [[chrysn]] is or was interested in inside ikiwiki:
* [[bugs/linkmap displays underscore escapes]]
* [[bugs/methodResponse in add__95__plugins]]
+* [[bugs/preprocessing loop control too tight]]
* [[bugs/ utf8 troubles]]
* [[bugs/Underscores in links don't appear]]
* [[bugs/unicode encoded urls and recentchanges]]

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