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+[[!comment format=mdwn
+ username="schmonz"
+ ip=""
+ subject="MacPorts still hasn't updated past 2011 ikiwiki with a seriously old Perl"
+ date="2013-08-11T01:40:23Z"
+ content="""
+According to [this page]( nothing has changed in MacPorts' ikiwiki build. Have you tried contacting the package maintainer or, failing that, submitting an update request to the relevant mailing list?
+If MacPorts is this behind the times, it doesn't make sense to me to recommend it to anyone. But I'm biased in favor of pkgsrc, so I don't feel comfortable editing the [[tips/ikiwiki on Mac OS X]] page to promote the thing I happen to prefer... but pkgsrc has Perl 5.18, and I keep pkgsrc's ikiwiki package updated at every release. --[[schmonz]]

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