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I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to perhaps host podcast content on the Internet Archive and make reference to the files there as enclosures. So far I've not had the greatest successes trying to upload content to incorporate as enclosures on my own site. I'm still trying to straighten things out to get the site running https as it is now... -- [skellat]( / [alpacaherder](

> Podcast content must be in `srcdir`, at present,
> so that `bestlink()` can find it (applying [[SubPage/LinkingRules]]).
> so that `bestlink()` can find it (applying [[ikiwiki/SubPage/LinkingRules]]).
> Some future enhancement might turn external media into enclosures; see
> [[forum/ikiwiki_and_big_files]],
> [[todo/git-annex_support]],

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