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raise recursion limit to 8

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1 parent b140745 commit ecc9dd10068f534644d858c54109969f5c9d12d7 chrysn committed with admin Aug 10, 2013
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  1. +19 −0 doc/bugs/preprocessing_loop_control_too_tight.mdwn
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+the preprocessing hook makes sure that no infinite loops occur by restricting the depth of nested directives to 3.
+this is insufficient in some situations in which sidebars are conditionally assembled from templates.
+given there are no limits on the number of directives per page and the number of edits a user can do in a particular time frame, i assume that raising that limit slightly won't make the DoS attacks that can be done against ikiwiki too much worse.
+i'd like to suggest 8 as a new value for recursion depth limit. most people can wrap their minds around a depth 3 nested directive setup, but when you reach a depth of 8, it's likely to be easier to write a dedicated plugin.
+diff --git a/ b/
+index 75c9579..ad0f8b0 100644
+--- a/
++++ b/
+@@ -1487 +1487 @@ sub preprocess ($$$;$$) {
+- if ($preprocessing{$page}++ > 3) {
++ if ($preprocessing{$page}++ > 8) {
+[[!tag patch]]

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