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Textpattern-to-ikiwiki conversion tool
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As the maintainer of my website. I wanted to migrate it to ikiwiki in a way I could trust, so that I'd be more likely to do it.

As an ikiwiki committer, I want migrating to ikiwiki to be easy, so that others are more likely to do it.

Therefore, I want an automated conversion tool that

  • can import Textpattern sites, starting with mine
  • can be easily extended to import from other CMSes
  • might perhaps be included with the ikiwiki distribution

How about jekyll-import?

Jekyll manages static content (much like ikiwiki) and has lots of importers. If the output of jekyll-import were satisfactory, such that we could simply postprocess it a bit, then we could gain an import path from many CMSes for very little effort, leaving maintenance of all those importers to the popular kids. Unfortunately, the output isn't satisfactory. For instance, Jekyll has no comment feature, so its importers generally make no attempt to preserve comments.

Okay, so ikiwiki-import


  • Your website is in Textpattern, configured sufficiently like mine
  • You've used ikiwiki before, and you want it for your site
  • You have ikiwiki installed now
  • You can prevent anyone from changing your old site until you're done
  • You understand the instructions in
  • You'll want a chance to manually tweak templates and site config
  • You'll decide when and how to flip the switch for your site


  • No surprises
  • Automatic (except where that might conceal surprises)
  • Communicative
    • Shows what has been done (perhaps as passing tests)
    • Shows what hasn't been done (perhaps as failing tests)
    • Explains what is left to be done manually

Importing from other systems

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