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class m120309_021733_translation extends CDbMigration {
public function up() {
if (Yii::app()->db->schema instanceof CMysqlSchema)
$options = 'ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8';
$options = '';
// Schema for table 'p3_widget_translation'
$this->createTable("p3_widget_translation", array(
"id" => "pk",
"p3_widget_id" => "int(11) NOT NULL",
"language" => "varchar(8) NOT NULL",
"properties" => "text",
"content" => "text",
), $options);
// Foreign Keys for table 'p3_widget_translation'
if ((Yii::app()->db->schema instanceof CSqliteSchema) == false):
$this->addForeignKey('fk_p3_widget_p3_widget_id', 'p3_widget_translation', 'p3_widget_id', 'p3_widget', 'id', 'CASCADE', 'CASCADE'); // update 'null' for ON DELTE and ON UPDATE
public function down() {
echo 'Migration down not supported.';
// Use safeUp/safeDown to do migration with transaction
public function safeUp()
public function safeDown()
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