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Yii 2 Framework Code Generator Gii on Steroids
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"Giiant is huge!"


Build Status

What is this?

Giiant is an extended code-generator for models and CRUDs, based upon Gii (Yii 2.0 Framework).

It creates prototypes for database models and backends including relations defined by foreign-key constrains in no-time.

To provide a highly flexible configuration system it features a callback-provider-queue to define rendering of customized inputs, columns or attribute values.

A main project goal is porting many features and learnings from gtc, giix, awecrud and other code-generators into one solution.



Batch command

  • yii batch creates all models and/or CRUDs for a set of tables sequentially with a single command

Model generator

  • generates separate model classes to customize and base models classes which can be regenerated on schema changes
  • table prefixes can be stripped off model class names (not bound to db connection settings from Yii 2.0)

CRUD generator

  • input, attribute, column and relation customization with provider queues
  • callback provider to inject any kind of code for inputs, attributes and columns via dependency injection
  • virtual-relation support (non-foreign key relations)
  • model, view and controller locations can be customized to use subfolders
  • horizontal and vertical form layout
  • options for tidying generated code
  • action button class customization (Select "App Class" option on the Action Button Class option on CRUD generator to customize)


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Using a stable version

composer require schmunk42/yii2-giiant:"@stable"

Using latest master

composer require schmunk42/yii2-giiant:"@dev"

The generators are registered automatically in the application bootstrap process, if Gii module is enabled.

You can try giiant via phd (dockerized PHP application template).


It's recommended to configure a customized batch command in your application CLI configuration.

'controllerMap' => [
    'batch' => [
        'class' => 'schmunk42\giiant\commands\BatchController',
        'overwrite' => true,
        'modelNamespace' => 'app\\modules\\crud\\models',
        'crudTidyOutput' => true,

Note: yii giiant-batch is an alias for the default configuration of BatchController registered by this extension.

You can add the giiant specific configuration config/giiant.php, and include this from your config/main.php.

See the batches section for configuration details.


To create a full-featured database backend, run the CLI batch command

yii batch

You can still override the settings from the configuration, like selecting specific tables

yii batch --tables=a,list,of,tables

Core commands

Show help for gii

yii help gii

Create application-module for giiant CRUDs

yii gii/giiant-module

The commands for generating models and CRUD, there are usually run via the batch command above.

yii gii/giiant-model
yii gii/giiant-crud


Provider usage and configuration via dependency injection

See docs for details.

Using callbacks to provide code-snippets

See docs for details.


See docs for known-issues, platform specific usage, quirks, faq, ...


Special thanks to motin, thyseus, uldisn and rcoelho for their work, inspirations and feedback.


giiant-0 2-screen-1 giiant-0 2-screen-2

Built by dmstr

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