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Important Notice!

It is strongly recommended, to get familiar with the CLI usage of Gii and Giiant, since the code-generation process may be repeated several times in the inital development phase and using the CLI in conjunction with a script will save you a lot of time and also reduce your error rate!


It's recommended to configure a customized batch command in your application CLI configuration, add the following code to your console application configuration.

$crudNs = '\project\modules\crud';

With the config array...

'controllerMap' => [
    'batch' => [
        'class' => 'schmunk42\giiant\commands\BatchController',
        'overwrite' => true,
        'modelNamespace' => $crudNs . '\models',
        'modelQueryNamespace' => $crudNs . '\models\query',
        'crudControllerNamespace' => $crudNs . '\controllers',
        'crudSearchModelNamespace' => $crudNs . '\models\search',
        'crudViewPath' => '@project/modules/crud/views',
        'crudPathPrefix' => '/crud/',
        'crudTidyOutput' => true,
        'crudActionButtonColumnPosition' => 'right', //left by default
        'crudProviders' => [
        'tablePrefix' => 'app_',
        'tables' => [

Note: yii giiant-batch is an alias for the default configuration of BatchController registered by this extension.


Command Line Batches

You can run batches of base-model and CRUD generation with the build in batch command:

for Linux

./yii batch --tables=profile,social_account,user,token

It will process the given tables, for more details see ./yii help giiant-batch. See the Sakila example for a detailed example.

Extended batch-command example

You can also override the batch defaults via command line options, this example is using the default configuration from giiant-batch

./yii giiant-batch \
    --interactive=0 \
    --overwrite=1 \
    --modelDb=db \
    --modelBaseClass=yii\\db\\ActiveRecord \
    --crudProviders=schmunk42\\giiant\\generators\\crud\\providers\\core\\optsProvider \
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