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@schnaader schnaader released this Feb 22, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

  • Merge with the excellent preflate library to support recompression of all zLib streams - thanks to Dirk Steinke
  • Support lzma filters (-lf) for improved compression of executables, audio and structured data (issue #75)
  • Support for zLib streams larger than 2 GB (see issue #65)
  • Changed to CMake for easier builds
  • Fixed crashes when running multiple instances of Precomp in the same directory (see issue #87)
  • Corrected -pdfbmp statistics (see issue #27)
  • Discard insufficient partial bZip2 matches (see commit 138c107) - thanks to Gonzalo Muñoz
  • Several minor bugs and memory leaks fixed (thanks to Gonzalo Muñoz and Dirk Steinke)
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