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##About songbird2itunes migrates your songbird or nightingale database to iTunes. The following info is migrated

  • tracks
    • lastPlayTime
    • lastSkipTime
    • playCount
    • rating
    • skipCount
    • (optional) date added (this is a bit more complex, see below)
  • playlist


The general syntax is as follows

songbird2itunes <Path to songbird database file> [options]

For songbird and Windows the songbird database file can be found in

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Songbird2\Profiles\[YOUR PROFILE ID]\db\

So our basic call looks like this

songbird2itunes C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Songbird2\Profiles\[YOUR PROFILE ID]\db\

You can always get a short help by calling

songbird2itunes --help

How to use songbird2itunes

  • songbird2itunes was tested using Windows 8 and iTunes 12.1.2. It could work on other systems, though.
  • songbird2itunes assumes a big bang migration from songbird to iTunes. That is, it expects an empty iTunes library and migrates all tracks and playlist from songbird in one go.
    Still, it might work with non-empty libraries. If a track is already present it is not added as duplicate but all properties are overwritten (except date added). If a playlist is already present, it is added again with the new files. So take extra care when migrating to a non-empty library!
  • So let's get started: First thing you need is time. Just some rough figures: 50k tracks and 100 playlists might take > 24h to completely migrate.
  • Then there's only one important decision to make: Do you want to migrate the date added values? As those cannot be set in iTunes directly, songbird2itunes offer a workaround. This workaround is a bit tricky, though: It sets the system clock to the desired date and then adds the song to iTunes. If you want to use the workaround, make sure to
    • start songbird2itunes with administration rights,
    • either close iTunes or start iTunes as administrator,
    • deactivate the automatic sync of windows with a time server for the progress of conversion to iTunes.
    • better not use your computer while the migration is running, because the system date might be invalid.
  • If you don't want to use the workaround just use the basic call stated above. If you do want to use it, add the -d option.
  • After successfully migrating some statistics are printed. It also provides information, if any tracks failed to migrate. See Error handling.

##More options

  • If you only want to migrate the tracks that are included in playlists, use the --playlistsonly option
  • If you only want to migrate specific playlists, use the --playlistnames option. The playlist names are not case sensitve.
    songbird2itunes C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Songbird2\Profiles\[YOUR PROFILE ID]\db\ --playlistnames playlist1 "play list 2"

Error handling

Just like in any other migrations, some things might go wrong.

In case of track-related errors songbird2itunes writes a warning to a the songbird2itunes.log and skips the track. This file contains a complete overview of your migration and you can find any warnings when you search for the term WARN. There might be other errors that will abort the migration. Post an issue if something seems wrong.

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