Command: Export Playlists

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This command can be used to export playlists from songbird's database to playlist files, such as M3U or PLS.


The basic syntax is as follows

songbirdDbTools -d [songbird db file] exportplaylists [options] [destination folder to export playlists]

Passing a destination folder is mandatory.

The following optional parameters are available:

 -f, --format        Playlist format
                     Default: m3u
 -r, --relative      Try to use paths relative to the playlist directory for members.
                     Default: false
 -d, --skipdynamic   Skip songbird's dynamic playlists (e.g. recently added, highest rated).
                     Default: false
 -p, --playlists     Names of the playlists that should be exported. If not specified, all playlist are exported. 
                     Note that two names are separated by a space, so if your paths contain spaces, wrap them in (double) quotes.

Note that on Windows --relative only works when playlists and member files reside on the same partition. For a list of supported formats see Lizzy.


Export all playlists creating

songbirdDbTools -db "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Songbird2\Profiles\[YOUR PROFILE ID]\db\" exportplaylists "d:\music\playlists" --skipdynamic --relative

Export only the following playlists:

  • playlist1
  • playlist 2
  • playlist
  • 3
songbirdDbTools -db "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Songbird2\Profiles\[YOUR PROFILE ID]\db\" exportplaylists "d:\music\playlists" --playlists playlist1 "playlist 2" playlist 3
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