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# Gowalla Style Photo Browser
Photos on websites are awesome, but reloading a page for every picture is a drag. This photo browser uses jQuery to page through photos without refreshing just like [Gowalla]( If you haven't seen the browser before you can checkout the [pictures i've taken on my travels](
If you want to know some more details about how the code works, read howto: [make a Gowalla style photo browser](#).
### Photo Browser Features
1. Clickable navigation on top showing next and previous pictures
2. Next and Previous buttons
3. Clicking the Photo will take you to next photo
4. Using Left and right arrow keys will go to next or previous photos
5. Photos loop at the end and the beginning in the correct direction
6. BackButton, bookmarks, and pasted links function correctly
7. Page pre-loads next photo for fast viewing
8. Photos page correctly if there is no javascript
## System Requirements
## Installation instructions
Go to your project directory then clone this repository:
>git clone
navigate to the newly created folder:
>cd gowalla-style-browser
Install the gems
>bundle Install
Start the web-server:
>rails server
Navigate to [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) and enjoy paging through photos with ease.