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a tool for generating a mail object that you can use to test your apps email parsing behavior.

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mailfactory is tool for generating a mail object that you can use to test your apps email parsing behavior. 

script/plugin install git://


mail = mail_factory(:from_email => from_email , :to_email => to_email , :subject => subject, :body => body)

If you want to simulate receiving an email from "", sent to "" with a subject of "my cool subject" and a body of "this is only a test" you could create the object like this:

mail_factory(:from_email => "" , :to_email => "" , :subject => "my cool subject", :body => "this is only a test")

If you don't care about some fields, mail factory will auto generate them for you.

mail = mail_factory

=> ""

=> ""

=>"testing testing"

=>"This is a test body. Pretty generic really, should make it past most filters\n"


I created this to help test out my rails application http://www.WhySpam.Me its a new spin on sticking it to the man (the one spam-ing you all the time), if you want to fight back against spam, or just want to check out my site i would appreciate the visit. WhySpam is a creative commons licensed open source project, help out at:

Copyright (c) 2009 [Richard Schneeman || ], released under the MIT license
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