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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef ___LOADER_HPP__
#define ___LOADER_HPP__
#include "_types.hpp"
/*** ***/
/*** Loader for 3d model files ***/
/*** ***/
class GenMinMesh;
namespace sLoader
struct Vertex;
struct Face;
class Material;
class Texture;
class Cluster;
class Model;
class Scene;
struct Vertex // a vertex
sVector Pos; // position
sVector Normal; // normal (should be recalculated!)
sU32 Color; // one vertex color
sF32 UV[4][2]; // multiple sets of 2d-uv
sInt Index; // backlink to model / mesh index for envelopes
sInt BoneCount;
sF32 BoneWeight[MAX_WEIGHTS];
Model *BoneModel[MAX_WEIGHTS];
sBool Equals(const Vertex &) const;
sBool LessThan(const Vertex &) const;
void AddBone(Model *bone,sF32 val);
struct Face // a face
void Init(sInt count); // initialize correctly
void Exit();
sInt Count; // Number of Indices
sInt *Index; // Array of indices
class Material // placeholder for a material
sString<256> Name;
sInt Id;
class Cluster // a chunk of geometry
Material *Mtrl; // material for this cluster
sInt AnimType; // 0=static 1=rigid 2=skinned
sArray2<Face> Faces; // faces
sArray2<Vertex> Vertices; // vertices
struct CubicKey // cubic fcurve key
sF32 Value; // value at that point
sF32 LTanX,LTanY; // left tangent
sF32 RTanX,RTanY; // right tangent
sF32 CubicInterpolate(const CubicKey &a,const CubicKey &b,sF32 t);
class Model // one model in the scene
sString<256> Name;
sF32 Transform[9]; // transform matrix
sF32 BasePose[9];
sInt AnimKeys;
sF32 *AnimCurves[9];
sInt AnimIndex; // for writing out mesh
sBool Animated; // animation present?
Model *Parent; // set during OptimizeR()
sInt OriginalVertexCount; // needed for weighting
sBool Visibility; // softimage visibility (0 = invisible)
sAutoArray<Model> Childs; // model hirarchy for FK
sAutoArray<Cluster> Clusters; // geometry data
class Scene // the result of loading a scene
sBool Optimized;
void OptimizeR(Model *,const sMatrix &mat);
void VertexListSort(const Vertex *verts,sInt *inds,sInt l,sInt r);
Model *FindModelR(const sChar *name,Model *parent);
Model *Root; // the scene root object (before optimize)
sAutoArray<Material> Mtrls; // material library
sPtrArray<Cluster> Clusters; // all clusters (after optimize)
sPtrArray<Model> Models; // all models, linear order
Material *FindMtrl(const sChar *name);
Model *FindModel(const sChar *name);
sBool LoadCube(); // create debugging data
sBool LoadXSI(sChar *name); // load a real xsi scene
sBool Optimize(); // optimize mesh
sBool CreateMesh(GenMinMesh *); // write data to minmesh
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