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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __START_HPP__
#define __START_HPP__
#include "_types.hpp"
/*** ***/
/*** Forwards ***/
/*** ***/
struct sScreenInfo; // find out screen resolution/window size
struct sViewport; // render to a portion of the screen
struct sTexInfo; // upload a texture
struct sBitmapLock;
class sHostFont;
struct sInputData; // get joystick and mouse input
struct sDirEntry; // load a directory
#define sISHANDLE(x) ((x)>=0)
#define sINVALID -1
#define sEXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
/*** ***/
/*** Main Program ***/
/*** ***/
// implement this to write a program
sBool sAppHandler(sInt code,sDInt value);
// codes for sAppHandler. called in this order
#define sAPPCODE_CONFIG 1 // parse commandline and call sSystem::Init()
#define sAPPCODE_INIT 2 // init your system
#define sAPPCODE_KEY 3 // keyboard input
#define sAPPCODE_FRAME 4 // called once each frame
#define sAPPCODE_TICK 5 // called for each 10ms timeslice
#define sAPPCODE_PAINT 6 // called once each frame
#define sAPPCODE_EXIT 7 // free resources.
#define sAPPCODE_CMD 9 // cmd from sGuiManager
#define sAPPCODE_DEBUGPRINT 10 // print a line of text. value is (char *)
// config
#define sSF_MULTISCREEN 0x0010 // open window on each screen
#define sSF_FULLSCREEN 0x0020 // go fullscreen (on all screens)
#define sSF_FULLOTHER 0x0080 // all but first screen go fullscreen
#define sSF_MAXIMISE 0x0040 // in windowed mode, max window(s)
#define sSF_WAITVSYNC 0x0080 // wait vor vsync
#define sSF_MINIMAL 0x0100 // in windowed mode, no windows title border
#define sSF_GRAPHMASK 0x000f
#define sSF_DIRECT3D 0x0001
void sSetConfig(sU32 Flags,sInt xsize=640,sInt ysize=480);
// sSystem->CpuMask
#define sCPU_CMOVE 0x0001 // CMOV FCMOV FCOMI instructions
#define sCPU_RDTSC 0x0002 // RDTSC instruction
#define sCPU_MMX 0x0004 // Intel MMX Instructions
#define sCPU_MMX2 0x0008 // Extended MMX instructions because of AMD Extension or SSE
#define sCPU_SSE 0x0010 // PIII SSE instructions fully supported
#define sCPU_SSE2 0x0020 // P4 SSE2 instruction fully supported
#define sCPU_3DNOW 0x0040 // 3dNow! instructions of K6
#define sCPU_3DNOW2 0x0080 // extended 3dNow! for Athlon
// sSystem_::GpuMask
#define sGPU_TWOSIDESTENCIL 0x0001 // two-sided stencil
// geometry type
#define sGEO_POINT 0x000001 // draw points
#define sGEO_LINE 0x000002 // draw lines
#define sGEO_TRI 0x000003 // draw triangles
#define sGEO_LINESTRIP 0x000004 // draw lines
#define sGEO_TRISTRIP 0x000005 // draw triangles
#define sGEO_QUAD 0x000006 // draw quads (there is a static ib for that in the dx-port)
#define sGEO_DYNVB 0x000000 // dynamic vertexbuffer
#define sGEO_DYNIB 0x000000 // dynamic indexbuffer
#define sGEO_STATVB 0x000008 // static vertexbuffer
#define sGEO_STATIB 0x000010 // static indexbuffer
#define sGEO_IND32B 0x000020 // 32bit index buffer
#define sGEO_VERTEX 0x000001 // for GeoFlush/GeoDraw return code
#define sGEO_INDEX 0x000002 // for GeoFlush/GeoDraw return code
#define sFVF_STANDARD 1 // pos,normal,tex0
#define sFVF_DOUBLE 2 // pos,color,tex0,tex1
#define sFVF_TSPACE 3 // pos,tspace,tex0,tex1 (not packed)
#define sFVF_COMPACT 4 // pos,color
#define sFVF_XYZW 5 // pos(4-component)
#define sFVF_TSPACE3 6 // pos,tspace,color,tex0 (packed)
#define sFVF_TSPACE3BIG 7 // pos,tscape,color,tex0
#define sFVF_CUBESPEC 8 // 4 byte,color
struct sVertexStandard // 32 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sF32 nx,ny,nz;
sF32 u,v;
struct sVertexDouble // 32 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sU32 c0;
sF32 u0,v0;
sF32 u1,v1;
__forceinline void Init(sF32 X,sF32 Y,sF32 Z=0.5f,
sU32 C0=~0,sF32 U0=0,sF32 V0=0,sF32 U1=0,sF32 V1=0)
{ x=X;y=Y;z=Z;c0=C0;u0=U0;v0=V0;u1=U1;v1=V1; }
struct sVertexTSpace // 64 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sF32 nx,ny,nz;
sU32 c0,c1;
sF32 u0,v0;
sF32 sx,sy,sz;
sF32 tx,ty,tz;
struct sVertexCompact // 16 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sU32 c0;
__forceinline void Init(sF32 X,sF32 Y,sF32 Z,sU32 C)
{ x=X;y=Y;z=Z;c0=C; }
struct sVertexTSpace3 // 32 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sU32 n,s,c;
sF32 u,v;
__forceinline void Init(sF32 X,sF32 Y,sF32 Z,sU32 C,sF32 U,sF32 V,
sU32 N=0x808000,sF32 S=0x80ff80)
{ x=X;y=Y;z=Z;c=C;u=U;v=V;n=N;s=S; }
struct sVertexTSpace3Big // 48 bytes
sF32 x,y,z;
sF32 nx,ny,nz;
sF32 sx,sy,sz;
sU32 c;
sF32 u,v;
__forceinline void Init(sF32 X,sF32 Y,sF32 Z,sU32 C,sF32 U,sF32 V,
sU32 NX=0.0f,sF32 NY=0.0f,sF32 NZ=-1.0f,sF32 SX=0.0f,sF32 SY=1.0f,sF32 SZ=0.0f)
{ x=X;y=Y;z=Z;c=C;u=U;v=V;nx=NX;ny=NY;nz=NZ;sx=SX;sy=SY;sz=SZ; }
struct sVertexXYZW // 16 bytes
sF32 x,y,z,w;
struct sVertexCubeSpecial // 8 bytes
sU8 PosInd;
sU8 NormInd;
sU8 XFormInd;
sU8 _pad;
sU32 Color;
#define sQuad(ip,a,b,c,d) {(ip)[0]=a;(ip)[1]=b;(ip)[2]=c;(ip)[3]=a;(ip)[4]=c;(ip)[5]=d;ip+=6;}
#define sQuadI(ip,d,c,b,a) {(ip)[0]=a;(ip)[1]=b;(ip)[2]=c;(ip)[3]=a;(ip)[4]=c;(ip)[5]=d;ip+=6;}
#define sTri(ip,a,b,c) {(ip)[0]=a;(ip)[1]=b;(ip)[2]=c;ip+=3;}
#define sTriI(ip,c,b,a) {(ip)[0]=a;(ip)[1]=b;(ip)[2]=c;ip+=3;}
/*** ***/
/*** Graphics Structures ***/
/*** ***/
struct sScreenInfo
sInt XSize; // width of screen
sInt YSize; // height of screen
sBool FullScreen; // is this fullscreen?
sBool LowQuality; // low quality mode (for reduced video memory usage);
sInt ShaderLevel; // supported Shader level
sF32 PixelRatio; // usually 1:1, but 1280x1024 is different
// Shader Level
#define sPS_00 0
#define sPS_11 1
#define sPS_14 2
#define sPS_20 3
struct sPerfInfo
sInt Line; // lines submitted
sInt Triangle; // triangles submitted
sInt Vertex; // vertices submitted
sInt Material; // materials changed
sInt Batches; // batches submitted
sU32 Time; // last frames time in microseconds
sU32 TimeFiltered; // filtered time
#define sPIM_LAST 1 // get total info from last frame
#define sPIM_BEGIN 2 // start counting now
#define sPIM_END 3 // end counting now
#define sPIM_PAUSE 4 // interrupt counting
#define sPIM_CONTINUE 5 // resume counting
// GetTransform Flags
#define sGT_VIEW 0
#define sGT_MODELVIEW 1
#define sGT_MODEL 2
#define sGT_PROJECT 3
struct sViewport
sInt Screen; // screen to use, or -1
sInt RenderTarget; // texture to use, or -1
sRect Window; // render window
void Init(sInt screen=0); // initialize for use with screen
void InitTex(sInt handle); // initialize for rendertarget
void InitTexMS(sInt handle); // initialize for rendertarget (multisampling compatible)
// clear flags
#define sVCF_NONE 0 // nothing
#define sVCF_COLOR 1 // color only
#define sVCF_Z 2 // zbuffer *and* stencil
#define sVCF_STENCIL 4 // stencil only
#define sVCF_ALL 7 // all
#define sVCF_PARTIAL 8
// flags
#define sTIF_RENDERTARGET 0x0001 // can be used as rendertarget
#define sTIF_ALLOCATED 0x0002 // used internally to mark allocated texture handles
#define sTIF_NEEDEXTRAZ 0x0004 // needs an extra Z surface
// texture formats (for use with the new addtexture)
#define sTF_NONE 0 // illegal texture format
#define sTF_A8R8G8B8 1 // 4 x 8 bit unsigned
#define sTF_A8 2 // 1 x 8 bit unsigned
#define sTF_R16F 3 // 1 x 16 bit float
#define sTF_A2R10G10B10 4 // 3 x 10 bit unsigned + 2 bit unsigned
#define sTF_Q8W8V8U8 5 // 4 x 8 bit signed
#define sTF_A2W10V10U10 6 // 3 x 10 bit signed + 2 bit unsigned
#define sTF_A1R5G5B5 7 // 3 x 5 bit unsigned + 1 bit
#define sTF_DXT1 8 // dxt1.
#define sTF_DXT5 9 // dxt5.
#define sTF_R32F 10 // 1 x 32 bit float
#define sTF_I8 11 // 1 x 8 bit unsigned
#define sTF_A8I8 12 // 1 x 8 bit unsigned
#define sTF_MAX 13 // end of list
#define sTF_NEEDEXTRAZ 0x100
// the structure
struct sTexInfo
sInt XSize;
sInt YSize;
sU32 Flags; // sTIF_???
sInt Format; // requested sTF_??
sBitmap *Bitmap; // texture bitmap
void Init(sBitmap *,sInt format=sTF_A8R8G8B8,sU32 flags=0);
void InitRT(sInt x=0,sInt y=0);
struct sBitmapLock
sU8 *Data; // memory of the locked texture
sInt XSize; // width
sInt YSize; // height
sInt BPR; // bytes per row.
sInt Kind; // bitmap kind
#define sBITMAP_ARGB8888 1
#define sBITMAP_ARGB4444 2
#define sBITMAP_ARGB1555 3
#define sBITMAP_RGB565 4
#define sBITMAP_A8 5
#define sBITMAP_I8 6
/*** ***/
/*** Input ***/
/*** ***/
struct sInputData
sU8 Type; // sIDT_???
sU8 AnalogCount; // number of analog channels
sU8 DigitalCount; // number of button-bits
sU8 pad;
sInt Analog[4]; // analog channels
sU32 Digital; // button bits
#define sIDT_NONE 0 // no input device connected
#define sIDT_MOUSE 1 // absolute mouse
#define sIDT_TABLET 2 // relative mouse (0..0x10000)
#define sIDT_JOYSTICK 3 // joystick (-0x10000..0x10000)
#define sKEY_BACKSPACE 8
#define sKEY_TAB 9
#define sKEY_ENTER 10
#define sKEY_ESCAPE 27
#define sKEY_SPACE 32
#define sKEY_UP 0x00010000
#define sKEY_DOWN 0x00010001
#define sKEY_LEFT 0x00010002
#define sKEY_RIGHT 0x00010003
#define sKEY_PAGEUP 0x00010004
#define sKEY_PAGEDOWN 0x00010005
#define sKEY_HOME 0x00010006
#define sKEY_END 0x00010007
#define sKEY_INSERT 0x00010008
#define sKEY_DELETE 0x00010009
#define sKEY_WHEELUP 0x0001000a
#define sKEY_WHEELDOWN 0x0001000b
#define sKEY_PAUSE 0x00010010 // Pause/Break key
#define sKEY_SCROLL 0x00010011 // ScrollLock key
#define sKEY_NUMLOCK 0x00010012 // NumLock key
#define sKEY_WINL 0x00010013 // left windows key
#define sKEY_WINR 0x00010014 // right windows key
#define sKEY_APPPOPUP 0x00010015 // windows menu key
#define sKEY_CLOSE 0x00010016 // system close event (usually alt-f4)
#define sKEY_SIZE 0x00010017 // window resized
#define sKEY_APPCLOSE 0x00010018 // window close button (catch in OnAppKey())
#define sKEY_APPMAX 0x00010019 // window maximize button (catch in OnAppKey())
#define sKEY_APPMIN 0x0001001a // window minimize button (catch in OnAppKey())
#define sKEY_APPHELP 0x0001001b // window help button (catch in OnAppKey())
#define sKEY_OPEN 0x0001001c // send when gui is completly initialised
#define sKEY_APPFOCUS 0x0001001d // window gained primary focus
#define sKEY_APPFOCLOST 0x0001001e // window lost primary focus
#define sKEY_MODECHANGE 0x0001001f // graphics mode or screen size has changed.
#define sKEY_SHIFTL 0x00010021
#define sKEY_SHIFTR 0x00010022
#define sKEY_CAPS 0x00010023
#define sKEY_CTRLL 0x00010024
#define sKEY_CTRLR 0x00010025
#define sKEY_ALT 0x00010026
#define sKEY_ALTGR 0x00010027
#define sKEY_MOUSEL 0x00010028
#define sKEY_MOUSER 0x00010029
#define sKEY_MOUSEM 0x0001002a
#define sKEY_F1 0x00010030
#define sKEY_F2 0x00010031
#define sKEY_F3 0x00010032
#define sKEY_F4 0x00010033
#define sKEY_F5 0x00010034
#define sKEY_F6 0x00010035
#define sKEY_F7 0x00010036
#define sKEY_F8 0x00010037
#define sKEY_F9 0x00010038
#define sKEY_F10 0x00010039
#define sKEY_F11 0x0001003a
#define sKEY_F12 0x0001003b
#define sKEYQ_SHIFTL 0x00020000
#define sKEYQ_SHIFTR 0x00040000
#define sKEYQ_CAPS 0x00080000
#define sKEYQ_CTRLL 0x00100000
#define sKEYQ_CTRLR 0x00200000
#define sKEYQ_ALT 0x00400000
#define sKEYQ_ALTGR 0x00800000
#define sKEYQ_MOUSEL 0x01000000
#define sKEYQ_MOUSER 0x02000000
#define sKEYQ_MOUSEM 0x04000000
#define sKEYQ_STICKYBREAK 0x10000000
#define sKEYQ_NUM 0x20000000
#define sKEYQ_REPEAT 0x40000000
#define sKEYQ_BREAK 0x80000000
#define sKEYQ_SHIFT 0x000e0000
#define sKEYQ_CTRL 0x00300000
/*** ***/
/*** Host Font ***/
/*** ***/
struct sHostFontLetter
sRect Location;
sInt Pre;
sInt Post;
sInt Top;
sInt pad;
class sHostFont
struct sHostFontPrivate *prv;
sInt Height; // set by Init()
sInt Advance;
sInt Baseline;
__forceinline sInt GetHeight() { return Height; }
__forceinline sInt GetAdvance() { return Advance; }
__forceinline sInt GetBaseline() { return Baseline; }
void Init(sChar *name,sInt height,sInt widht=0,sInt style=0);
sInt GetWidth(sChar *,sInt len=-1);
void Print(sBitmap *,sChar *,sInt x,sInt y,sU32 color=0xffffffff,sInt len=-1);
sBool Prepare(sBitmap *,sChar *,sHostFontLetter *);
sBool PrepareCheck(sInt xs,sInt ys,sChar *);
// alternative to print
void Begin(sBitmap *bm);
void Print(sChar *text,sInt x,sInt y,sU32 c0,sInt len=-1);
void End(sBitmap *bm);
// font style
#define sHFS_BOLD 0x0002 // bold
#define sHFS_ITALICS 0x0001 // italics
#define sHFS_PIXEL 0x0004 // no antialiasing
/*** ***/
/*** Other Structures ***/
/*** ***/
struct sDirEntry
sChar Name[256]; // filename
sInt Size; // size of file in bytes
sBool IsDir; // this is a directory, size is 0
sU8 pad[3]; // pad it up..
typedef void (*sSoundHandler)(sS16 *steriobuffer,sInt samples,void *user);
/*** ***/
/*** Private ***/
/*** ***/
#define MAX_SCREEN 4
#define MAX_KEYBUFFER 32
#define MAX_TEXTURE 1024
#define MAX_TEXSTAGE 16
#define MAX_DYNVBSIZE (12*1024*1024) // bytes
#define MAX_DYNIBSIZE (4*1024*1024) // indices/2
#define MAX_GEOBUFFER 2048
#define MAX_GEOHANDLE 4096
#define MAX_SETUPS 1024
#define MAX_SHADERS 1024
struct sGeoBuffer // a vertex or indexbuffer
sBool Type; // 0 = unused, 1 = index, 2 = vertex
sInt Size; // Size of the buffer in bytes
sInt Used; // first free byte
sInt UserCount; // counts active allocations. increased with alloc, decreased with free. if decreased to zero, the buffer is assumed to be completly free'ed and Used is reset
struct IDirect3DVertexBuffer9 *VB;
struct IDirect3DIndexBuffer9 *IB;
void Init(); // clear all field of structure
sBool Alloc(sInt count,sInt size,sInt &first,sInt type); // alloc space for COUNT elements of size SIZE, return first aligned byte index in FIRST if it fits.
void Free();
struct sGeoBufferRef // geobuffer reference
sInt Buffer; // sGeoBuffer handle
sInt Start; // start offset
sInt Count; // number of elements
sInt DiscardCount; // discard counter
struct sGeoHandle
sInt Mode; // sGEO_???
sU32 FVF; // FVF table index
sInt VertexSize; // size of one vertex in bytes
sInt Locked; // indicates whether indices/vertices are locked
sGeoBufferRef Vertex; // vertex geobuffer
sGeoBufferRef Index; // index geobuffer
struct sHardTex
sInt RefCount; // texture-handles haben jetzt auch refcounting
sInt XSize;
sInt YSize;
sInt MipLevels; // number of mip levels
sU32 Flags; // sTIF_???
sInt Format; // requested sTF_??
struct IDirect3DTexture9 *Tex;
struct IDirect3DSurface9 *Shadow;
sMEO_PERSPECTIVE = 0, // perspective view
sMEO_NORMALISED = 1, // orthogonal view, -1 .. 1
sMEO_PIXELS = 2, // orthogonal view, pixels from (0,0) to (xsize-1,ysize-1) inclusive
sLT_POINT = 0, // point light
sLT_DIRECTIONAL = 1, // directional light
sLT_COUNT = 2, // # of different light types
struct sMaterialEnv
sInt LightType; // sLT_???
sVector LightPos; // for sMLF_BUMPX mode
sVector LightDir;
sVector LightColor;
sF32 LightRange;
sF32 LightAmplify;
sInt Flags; // for whatever use you find for them.
sF32 FogStart;
sF32 FogEnd;
sU32 FogColor;
sMatrix ModelSpace; // Model in World
sMatrix CameraSpace; // Camera in World
sF32 ZoomX,ZoomY; // zoom-factors (usually 1.0f)
sF32 CenterX,CenterY; // center-offset (usually 0.0f)
sF32 NearClip; // near clipping plane
sF32 FarClip; // far clipping plane
sInt Orthogonal; // no perspective
void Init();
void MakeProjectionMatrix(sMatrix &m) const;
class sMaterial // material base class
sInt RefCount;
sMaterial() { RefCount = 1; }
virtual ~sMaterial();
virtual void Set(const sMaterialEnv &env) = 0;
void AddRef() { RefCount++; }
void Release() { if(--RefCount == 0) delete this; }
struct sShader // managed shaders
sInt RefCount;
void AddRef() { RefCount++; }
void Release() { if(--RefCount == 0) Cleanup(); }
void Cleanup();
sU32 *Code; // shader bytecode
struct IUnknown *Shader; // shader object
struct sMaterialSetup // actual data used by D3D
sInt RefCount;
void AddRef() { RefCount++; }
void Release() { if(--RefCount == 0) Cleanup(); }
void Cleanup();
sU32 *States; // render states
sInt VSId; // verteshader id
sInt PSId; // pixelshader id
struct IDirect3DVertexShader9 *VS; // vertex shader
struct IDirect3DPixelShader9 *PS; // pixel shader
struct sMaterialInstance // set of textures+constants
sInt NumTextures; // # of textures
sInt Textures[MAX_TEXSTAGE]; // textures
sInt NumVSConstants; // # of vertex shader constants
sVector *VSConstants; // vertex shader constants
sInt NumPSConstants; // # of pixel shader constants
sVector *PSConstants; // pixel shader constants
static sMaterialInstance Null;
class sSimpleMaterial : public sMaterial
sInt Setup; // material setup
sInt Tex; // texture
sU32 Color; // constant color (if used)
sSimpleMaterial(sInt tex,sU32 flags,sU32 flags2,sU32 color=0);
void SetTex(sInt tex);
void Set(const sMaterialEnv &env);
struct sScreen
sDInt Window;
sU32 ZFormat;
sU32 SFormat;
sInt XSize;
sInt YSize;
struct sSampleBuffer
struct IDirectSoundBuffer *Buffer;
struct IDirectSound3DBuffer *Buf3D;
sInt PlayTime;
struct sSample
sSampleBuffer Buffers[sMAXSAMPLEBUFFER];
sBool Is3D;
sInt Count;
sInt LRU;
sInt Uses;
sInt LenMs;
/*** ***/
/*** System ***/
/*** ***/
struct sSystem_
// **************
// **************
void InitX();
sInt Msg(sU32 msg,sU32 wparam,sU32 lparam);
void Render();
void InitScreens();
void ExitScreens();
void CreateGeoBuffer(sInt i,sInt dyn,sInt index,sInt size);
void ReCreateZBuffer();
void MakeCubeNormalizer();
void MakeAttenuationVolume();
void SetStates(sU32 *stream);
void SetState(sU32 token,sU32 value);
void AllocBufferInternal(sGeoBufferRef &ref,sInt size,sBool stat,sInt index,void **ptr);
sInt GetShader(const sU32 *bytecode);
#if !sINTRO_XXX // uncommenting this makes everything LARGER!
sInt CmdFullscreen;
sInt CmdWindowed;
sInt CmdLowQuality;
sInt CmdShaderLevel;
sBool CmdNoRt;
sInt CmdLowRes;
sInt WDeviceLost; // device is lost
sInt WActiveCount; // incremented and decremented, 0 = active;
sInt WActiveMsg; // maintain WActiveCount for WM_ACTIVATE
sInt WContinuous; // (not implemented) enable continous rendering
sInt WSinglestep; // (not implemented) render just one frame
sInt WFullscreen; // message handling for fullscreen mode
sInt WWindowedStyle; // style of the window when in windowed mode (may be maximised)
sInt WMinimized; // window is currently minimized
sInt WMaximized; // window is currently maximized
sInt WAborting; // application is about to terminate
sInt WResponse; // enable fast responding message loop (lock framebuffer, which hurts performance)
sInt WConstantUpdate; // add/rem constant update count
sInt WFocus; // we have focus
sInt WAbortKeyFlag; // the abort key (pause) was pressed
sU32 CpuMask;
sU32 GpuMask;
#if !sINTRO
sInt HardwareShaderLevel;
sInt WStartTime;
sInt WScreenCount;
sScreen Screen[MAX_SCREEN];
sInt ViewportX;
sInt ViewportY;
sViewport CurrentViewport;
sInt ConfigX;
sInt ConfigY;
sU32 ConfigFlags;
sInt KeyIndex;
sU32 KeyBuffer[MAX_KEYBUFFER];
sU32 MouseButtons;
#if !sINTRO
sU32 KeyQual;
sU32 MouseButtonsSave;
sInt WMouseX;
sInt WMouseY;
sHardTex Textures[MAX_TEXTURE];
// DirectSound
sBool InitDS();
void ExitDS();
void FillDS();
void MarkDS();
struct IDirectSound3DListener *Listener;
sInt SoundTime;
// direct input
sBool InitDI();
void ExitDI();
void PollDI();
void AddAKey(sU32 *Scans,sInt ascii);
// general 3d stuff
sMatrix LastCamera; // all this for GetTransform()
sMatrix LastMatrix;
sMatrix LastProjection;
sMatrix LastViewProject;
sGeoBuffer GeoBuffer[MAX_GEOBUFFER];
sGeoHandle GeoHandle[MAX_GEOHANDLE];
sInt DiscardCount[3]; // 0=vertex 1=index16 2=index32
sInt LastDecl;
sInt LastVB;
sInt LastVSize;
sInt LastIB;
sBool MtrlReset;
#if !sINTRO
sPerfInfo PerfLast;
sPerfInfo PerfThis;
sInt PerfLastTime;
// DirectGraphics specific
struct IDirect3D9 *DXD;
struct IDirect3DDevice9 *DXDev;
struct IDirect3DTexture9 *DXStreamTexture;
sInt DXStreamLevel;
struct IDirect3DQuery9 *SyncQuery;
sInt ZBufXSize,ZBufYSize;
sU32 ZBufFormat,ScreenFormat;
sInt CurrentRT;
struct IDirect3DSurface9 *ZBuffer;
struct IDirect3DSurface9 *RTBuffer;
struct IDirect3DSurface9 *DXBlockSurface[2];
struct IDirect3DCubeTexture9 *DXNormalCube;
struct IDirect3DCubeTexture9 *DXTinyNormalCube;
struct IDirect3DVolumeTexture9 *DXAttenuationVolume;
sInt CurrentTarget;
sBool NeedFinishBlit;
// new material system
sMaterialSetup Setups[MAX_SETUPS];
sShader Shaders[MAX_SHADERS];
sInt ShaderCount;
sInt CurrentSetupId;
struct IDirect3DVertexShader9 *CurrentVS;
struct IDirect3DPixelShader9 *CurrentPS;
sInt CurrentTextures[MAX_TEXSTAGE];
sU32 CurrentStates[0x310];
// HostFont
sU32 *FontMem;
#ifdef _DOPE
sInt TexMemAlloc;
sInt BufferMemAlloc;
// init/exit/debug
void Log(sChar *); // print out debug string
sNORETURN void Abort(sChar *msg); // terminate now
void Init(sU32 Flags,sInt xs=-1,sInt ys=-1); // initialise system
void Exit(); // terminate next frame
void Tag(); // called by broker (in a direct hackish fashion)
sInt MemoryUsed(); // how much ram was allocated so far?
void CheckMem();
#if !sINTRO
sU32 GetCpuMask() { return CpuMask; } // sCPU_???
sU32 GetGpuMask() { return GpuMask; } // sGPU_???
sInt GetShaderLevel() { return HardwareShaderLevel; } // sPS_??
void ContinuousUpdate(sBool b) { WConstantUpdate = b; } // false->don't update when no focus
void SetResponse(sBool fastresponse) {WResponse = fastresponse;} // enable fast responding but low performance mode
sChar *GetCmdLine();
void Progress(sInt done,sInt max);
void WaitForKey(); // paint black screen and wait for key
// high level windows functions
#if !sPLAYER
sBool FileRequester(sChar *buffer,sInt size,sU32 flags,const sChar *ext); // extensions as "bmp|pic|tga"
const sChar *GetCommandLine(); // this returns what was entered in "" in the commandline or 0
sBool ExecuteShell(sChar *verb,sChar *file);
void SetClipboard(const sChar *text,sInt len);
void SetClipboard(sBitmap *bm);
sChar *GetClipboard();
void ProgressGDIStart(sInt max);
void ProgressGDIStop();
sBool ProgressGDI(sInt value); // return abort status (1=PAUSE pressed)
// input
void GetInput(sInt id,sInputData &data); // get mouse or joystick
sU32 GetKeyboardShiftState(); // get current keyboard shift state (synchrone)
void GetKeyName(sChar *buffer,sInt size,sU32 key); // get user-readable key name with qualifier
sBool GetAbortKey(); // was abort key pressed since last call of ClearAbortKey()? (asynchrone)
void ClearAbortKey(); // clear the abort-key-status
sInt GetTime(); // get current time in milliseconds
void GetPerf(sPerfInfo &,sInt mode);
sInt GetTimeOfDay(); // get current time of day in seconds
void PerfKalib(); // calibrate performancecounter, done by sPerfMon or system
sU32 PerfTime(); // get µsec exact time
sBool GetWinMouse(sInt &x,sInt &y); // get windows cursor position
sBool GetWinMouseAbs(sInt &x,sInt &y); // get windows cursor position (screen coordinates)
void SetWinMouse(sInt x,sInt y); // set windows cursor position
void SetWinTitle(sChar *name); // set window title
void MoveWindow(sInt dx,sInt dy); // drag the window around
void SetWinMode(sInt mode); // 0=normal, 1=max, 2=min
sInt GetWinMode(); // siehe oben
void HideWinMouse(sBool hide); // hide windows cursor
// sound
void SetSoundHandler(sSoundHandler hnd,sInt align=0,void *user=0); // sets a new soundhandler. resets current sample
sInt GetCurrentSample(); // gets sample# played at last flip.
sInt SampleAdd(sS16 *data,sInt size,sInt buffers=1,sInt usehandle=-1,sBool is3d=sFALSE); // size is in stereo samples, buffers is for DX-Sucking-Buffers
void SampleRem(sInt handle);
void SampleRemAll();
sInt SamplePlay(sInt handle,sF32 volume=1.0f,sF32 pan=0,sInt freq=44100);
// 3d sound
void Sample3DParam(sInt handle,sInt buffer,const sVector &pos,const sVector &vel,sF32 minDist,sF32 maxDist);
void Sample3DListener(const sVector &pos,const sVector &vel,const sVector &up,const sVector &fwd,sF32 doppler=1.0f,sF32 rolloff=1.0f);
void Sample3DCommit();
// file
sU8 *LoadFile(const sChar *name,sInt &size); // load file entirely, return size
sU8 *LoadFile(const sChar *name); // load file entirely
sU8 *LoadFileIfNewerThan(const sChar *name,const sChar *other,sInt &size); // for caching
sChar *LoadText(const sChar *name); // load file entirely and add trailing zero
sBool SaveFile(const sChar *name,const sU8 *data,sInt size); // save file entirely
sU64 GetFileStamp(const sChar *name); // get a number. when it changes, the file has changed...
sDirEntry *LoadDir(const sChar *name); // load directory. ends with dir[n].Name[0]==0
sBool MakeDir(const sChar *name); // create new directory
sBool CheckDir(const sChar *name); // check if path is valid
sBool CheckFile(const sChar *name); // check if file exists is valid
sBool RenameFile(const sChar *oldname,const sChar *newname); // rename file (old and new are complete path)
sBool DeleteFile(const sChar *name); // delete file from disk
void GetCurrentDir(sChar *buffer,sInt size); // get current dir as "c:/nxn/genthree"
sU32 GetDriveMask(); // get bitmask of available drives
sBitmap *LoadBitmap(const sU8 *data,sInt size); // load bitmap using windows loader
sBool LoadBitmapCore(const sU8 *data,sInt size,sInt &x,sInt &y,sU8 *&d); // simplified version for intro
// font
sInt FontBegin(sInt pagex,sInt pagey,const sChar *name,sInt xs,sInt ys,sInt style); // create font and bitmap, return real height
sInt FontWidth(const sChar *string,sInt count); // get width
void FontCharWidth(sInt ch,sInt *widths); // get char width (with kerning)
void FontPrint(sInt x,sInt y,const sChar *string,sInt count); // print
void FontPrint(sInt x,sInt y,const sWChar *string,sInt count); // print
sU32 *FontBitmap() { return FontMem; } // return font bitmap
void FontEnd(); // delete bitmap.
// graphics
sBool GetScreenInfo(sInt i,sScreenInfo &info); // get screen size and availability
sInt GetScreenCount(); // get number of screens
sBool GetFullscreen(); // at least one screen is fullscreen
void Reset(sU32 flags,sInt x,sInt y,sInt x2,sInt y2); // set new screen config
void SetGamma(sF32 gamma);
void ColorFill(sInt nRects,const sRect *rects,const sU32 *colors);
void Clear(sU32 flags,sU32 color=0); // clear currently set rendertarget.
void SetViewport(const sViewport &vp); // set viewport.
void FinishMSBlit(); // blit from temp target->multisample rt
void CopyRT(sInt dest,const sRect *destRect,sInt source,const sRect *srcRect); // copy rt->rt
void ClearTarget(sInt rt,sU32 color); // clear rendertarget. use it before grab to have a clean environment
void GrabScreen(sInt sourceRT,const sRect &win,sInt tex,sBool stretch=sTRUE); // grab screen
void Begin2D(sU32 **buffer,sInt &stride);
void End2D();
void GetTransform(sInt mode,sMatrix &mat); // get concatenated Camera and Matrix (for bilboards etc)
sInt AddTexture(const sTexInfo &); // add a texture
sInt AddTexture(sInt xs,sInt ys,sInt format,sU16 *data,sInt mipcount=0,sInt miptresh=0); // add a texture (new version)
void AddRefTexture(sInt tex);
void RemTexture(sInt handle); // remove a texture
void GetTextureSize(sInt tex,sInt &w,sInt &h);
void UpdateTexture(sInt handle,sBitmap *bm); // update texture bitmap (must be same size)
void UpdateTexture(sInt handle,sU16 *,sInt miptresh=0); // update texture (new version)
void ReadTexture(sInt handle,sU16 *data);
sBool StreamTextureStart(sInt h,sInt l,sBitmapLock &); // start texture streaming (handle,mipmap,result)
void StreamTextureEnd(); // done writing texture
void FlushTexture(sInt handle); // let that texture relaod
void SetScissor(const sFRect *scissor); // sets scissor rectangle
sInt GeoAdd(sInt fvf,sInt prim); // create a geometry handle for given fvf and sGEO_??? flags
void GeoRem(sInt handle); // free handle and associated geometry
void GeoFlush(); // flush all static vertex buffers
void GeoFlush(sInt handle,sInt what=3); // flush a specific dynamic vertex buffer
sInt GeoDraw(sInt &handle,sInt count=0); // try drawing. returns updateflags.
void GeoBegin(sInt handle,sInt vc,sInt ic,sF32 **fp,void **ip,sInt upd=3); // begin upload, as requested by GeoDraw()
void GeoEnd(sInt handle,sInt vc=-1,sInt ic=-1); // done uploading and draw finally. state how many indices/vertices were really needed.
void SetViewProject(const sMaterialEnv *env);
#if !sPLAYER
void PrintShader(const sU32 *shader);
sInt MtrlAddSetup(const sU32 *states,const sU32 *vs,const sU32 *ps);
void MtrlAddRefSetup(sInt sid);
void MtrlRemSetup(sInt sid);
void MtrlClearCaches();
void MtrlSetSetup(sInt sid);
void MtrlSetInstance(const sMaterialInstance &inst);
void MtrlSetVSConstants(sInt first,const sVector *constants,sInt count);
void MtrlSetPSConstants(sInt first,const sVector *constants,sInt count);
// video recorder
#if !sPLAYER
sBool VideoStart(sChar *filename,sF32 fpsrate,sInt xRes,sInt yRes);
void VideoViewport(sViewport &vp);
sInt VideoWriteFrame(sF32 &u1,sF32 &v1); // returns rendertarget tex
void VideoEnd();
// for FileRequester
#define sFRF_MODEMASK 0x0003
#define sFRF_OPEN 0x0000
#define sFRF_SAVE 0x0001
#define sFRF_PATH 0x0002
extern sSystem_ *sSystem;
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