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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __UTIL_HPP__
#define __UTIL_HPP__
#include "_types.hpp"
#include "_start.hpp"
extern class sGuiPainter *sPainter;
extern class sPerfMon_ *sPerfMon;
/*** ***/
/*** Simple Helpers ***/
/*** ***/
sBitmap *sLoadBitmap(sChar *filename); // BMP & PIC
sBool sSaveBitmap(sChar *filename,sBitmap *bm); // BMP & TGA
/*** ***/
/*** GuiPainter - draw sprites and print text ***/
/*** ***/
struct sGuiPainterLetter // font metrics
sU16 PosX; // pixel-position im bitmap
sU16 PosY;
sS8 PreKern; // pixels to add before cell
sS8 CellWidth; // width of cell
sS8 PostKern; // pixels to add after cell
sS8 pad;
struct sGuiPainterExtPos // sometimes we want more than just 2d-sprites
sF32 XYUV[4][4]; // 4 xyuv's
sU32 Col[4];
struct sGuiPainterLine
sF32 x0,y0,x1,y1;
sU32 col;
struct sGuiPainterVert
sF32 x,y;
sF32 u,v;
sU32 col;
void Init(sF32 X,sF32 Y,sU32 C=~0,sF32 U=0,sF32 V=0)
{ x=X; y=Y; col=C; u=U; v=V; }
struct sGuiPainterJob // one sprite or one line of text
sGuiPainterJob *Next; // next job fir this material
sInt Handle; // backreference to matieral (redundant!)
sF32 x,y,z; // posiiton of upper left corner
sU32 Color; // color
sChar *Text; // if this is a printjob...
sGuiPainterExtPos *ExtPos; // extendet position if needed...
sInt ClipRect; // 0 = no clipping
struct sGuiPainterMaterial // a material used for painting and printing
sU32 *States; // material to draw this sprite (user must free)
sInt Texture; // texture handle for states
sInt XSize; // size of bitmap
sInt YSize; // size of bitmap
sMaterial *Material; // the material itself.
sInt QuadCount; // number of quads registered for this frame
sGuiPainterJob *FirstJob; // first paintjob this frame, or -1
sGuiPainterJob **LastJob; // pointer to next field of last job
sGuiPainterLetter *Letters; // if it is a font, here are the metrics
sInt Height; // font height
sInt Advance; // font advance
sInt BaseLine; // font baseline
class sGuiPainter : public sObject
sU32 FlatMat[256];
sU32 TexMat[256];
sU32 AlphaMat[256];
sMaterialEnv MtrlEnv;
sGuiPainterMaterial *Mat;
sInt MatAlloc;
sInt MatCount;
sGuiPainterJob *Job;
sInt JobAlloc;
sInt JobCount;
sChar *Text;
sInt TextAlloc;
sInt TextCount;
sGuiPainterExtPos *Ext;
sInt ExtAlloc;
sInt ExtCount;
sRect *Rect;
sInt RectCount;
sInt RectAlloc;
sGuiPainterLine *Lines;
sInt LineCount;
sInt LineAlloc;
sF32 PaintZ;
sU32 PaintCol;
sF32 PrintZ;
sU32 PrintCol;
sInt GeoHandle;
sInt LineHandle;
sInt Clipping;
void FlushRect(sVertexDouble *&vp,sGuiPainterJob *job,sF32 x0,sF32 y0,sF32 x1,sF32 y1,sF32 u0,sF32 v0,sF32 u1,sF32 v1,sU32 col00,sU32 col01,sU32 col10,sU32 col11);
void CheckOverflow();
sU32 GetClassID() { return sCID_GUIPAINTER; }
void Tag();
void Init(sInt matcount=64,sInt jobcount=0x4000,sInt textcount=0x10000,sInt extcount=0x4000,sInt rectcount=0x1000,sInt linecount=0x10000);
sInt LoadFont(sChar *name,sInt height,sInt width=0,sInt style=0);
sInt LoadBitmap(sBitmap *);
sInt LoadBitmapAlpha(sBitmap *);
sInt LoadBitmap(sChar *);
sInt LoadMaterial(sMaterial *mat,sInt xs=0,sInt ys=0);
void SetMaterial(sInt handle);
void Paint(sInt handle,sInt x,sInt y,sU32 col=0);
void Paint(sInt handle,sInt x,sInt y,sInt xs,sInt ys,sU32 col=0);
void Paint(sInt handle,const sRect &r,sU32 col);
void Paint(sInt handle,const sRect &pos,const sFRect &uv,sU32 col=0);
void Paint(sInt handle,const sInt *pos,const sF32 *uv,sU32 col=0);
void PaintHole(sInt handle,const sRect &out,const sRect &in,sU32 col=0);
void PaintF(sInt handle,sF32 x,sF32 y,sU32 col=0);
void PaintF(sInt handle,sF32 x,sF32 y,sF32 xs,sF32 ys,sU32 col=0);
void PaintF(sInt handle,sF32 x0,sF32 y0,sF32 x1,sF32 y1,sF32 u0,sF32 v0,sF32 u1,sF32 v1,sU32 col=0);
void Paint(sInt handle,sGuiPainterVert *v,sInt aligned);
void PaintMode(sU32 col,sF32 z);
void Line(sInt x0,sInt y0,sInt x1,sInt y1,sU32 col);
void LineF(sF32 x0,sF32 y0,sF32 x1,sF32 y1,sU32 col);
void Print(sInt handle,sInt x,sInt y,const sChar *text,sU32 col=0,sInt len=-1);
sInt PrintC(sInt handle,sRect &,sInt align,const sChar *text,sU32 col=0,sInt len=-1);
sInt PrintM(sInt handle,sRect &,sInt align,const sChar *text,sU32 col=0,sInt len=-1); // returns last used ypos (NOT height!)
void PrintMode(sU32 col,sF32 z);
sInt GetWidth(sInt handle,const sChar *text,sInt len=-1);
sInt GetHeight(sInt handle);
void Flush();
void SetClipping(sRect &r);
void EnableClipping(sBool clip);
#define sFA_TOP 1 // alignment for PrintC
#define sFA_BOTTOM 2
#define sFA_LEFT 4
#define sFA_RIGHT 8
#define sFA_SPACE 16 // adds a space to left or right on sFA_LEFT / sFA_RIGHT. this usually looks much better...
#define sFA_CLIP 32 // clip if needed
/*** ***/
/*** Performance Monitor ***/
/*** ***/
struct sPerfMonToken // declare name and color of a zone
sChar *Name;
sU32 Color;
sInt Index;
// sPerfMonToken(sChar *name,sU32 color);
struct sPerfMonZone // automatically enter end leave a zone
sInt Token;
struct sPerfMonRecord // record an enter/leave event
sU16 Type; // 0 = end, 1 = enter, 2 = leave
sU16 Token; // token index
sInt Time; // time of event
struct sPerfMonZone2 // copy of zone and temporal zone storeage.
{ // don't acces sPerfMonZone directly because of cache!
sChar *Name; // copy of name
sU32 Color; // copy of color
sInt EnterTime; // last enter time when evaluating the recording
sInt TotalTime; // total time this frame, when evaluating the recording
sInt AverageTime; // FIR filtered time
class sPerfMon_ : public sObject
sPerfMonZone2 Tokens[512];
sInt TokenCount;
sPerfMonRecord Rec[2][0x8000]; // record the enter/leave events
sInt SoundRec[2][0x100];
sInt Markers[2][16];
sInt DBuffer; // write to Rec[DBuffer][], read from Rec[1-DBuffer][]
sInt Index; // index while writing
sInt IndexSound;
sInt IndexOld; // old index. to see how near we are to the absolute limit
void Flip();
void Register(sPerfMonToken &tok);
void Marker(sInt index);
// macros for easily using the perfmon are defined in types.hpp
// sMAKEZONE(zonename,namestring,color);
// initcode() { sREGTONE(zonename); /* may be called more than once! */ }
// innerloop() { sZONE(zonename); for(many) expensive_calculation(); } }
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