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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#include "_types.hpp"
#include "_start.hpp"
#include "genscene.hpp"
// obsolete
#define KKRIEGER_MAXCELL 0x8000
// new and improved!
#define KKRIEGER_MAXDCELL 0x0200
#define KKRIEGER_MAXSHOT 0x0200
struct KKriegerCell;
//struct KKriegerParticle;
//struct KKriegerConstraint;
struct KKriegerGame;
struct KKriegerShot;
// cell mode
#define KCM_ADD 0
#define KCM_SUB 1
#define KCM_ZONE 2
#define KCM_MAX 3
#define KCM_NOTFORPLAYER 0x04 // (sub/add only) forbidden for KCRF_ISPLAYER
#define KCM_ONLYMONSTER 0x08 // (sub/add only) allowed only for KCRF_ISMONSTER
#define KCM_DISABLED 0x10 // (dynamic only) the box has been temporarly disabled
#define KCM_UNCONFIRMED 0x20 // (dynamic only) the box has not yet been confirmed
// particle kind
#define KPK_UNUSED 0 // this particle has no special effects
#define KPK_PLAYER 1 // the main particle of the player
#define KPK_PLAYERAUX 2 // auxilary particle for player collision
#define KPK_MONSTER 3 // the main particle of the player
#define KPK_MONSTERAUX 4 // auxilary particle for player collision
#define KPK_WEAPON0 8 // the weapons
#define KPK_WEAPON1 9
#define KPK_WEAPON2 10
#define KPK_WEAPON3 11
#define KPK_WEAPON4 12
#define KPK_WEAPON5 13
#define KPK_WEAPON6 14
#define KPK_WEAPON7 15
#define KPM_PLAYER 0x00000002 // bitmask to find any player
#define KPM_WEAPONS 0x0000ff00 // bitmask to find any weapon-hit
// weapon flags
#define KWF_CONTINUOUS 0x01 // hold button to continue
#define KWF_REFLECT 0x02 // old shells reflect away
// special switches
// see this as "recommended usage", since few are really enforced by the code
#define KGS_ONE 0x00 // always one
#define KGS_GAME 0x01 // game runs when switch==0. use for ingame-menu
#define KGS_RESOLUTION 0x08 // screen 640/800/1024/1280, needs to be checked by code when restarting game
#define KGS_TEXTURES 0x09 // textures low/normal, needs to be checked by code when restarting game
#define KGS_SHADOWS 0x0a // shadows on/off, code or ops ???
#define KGS_GLARE 0x0b // IPP low/med/high, handled with ops
#define KGS_MOUSEINVERT 0x0c // invert mouse on/off
#define KGS_MOUSESPEED 0x0d // mouse-speed 0..9
#define KGS_BRIGHTNESS 0x0e // gamma-correction 0..9
#define KGS_SPECULAR 0x0f // specular on/off
#define KGS_INGAME_MENU 0x10 // ingame menu state
#define KGS_RESPAWN 0x20 // switches 32-48 for respawn flags
#define KGS_GAME_RUN 0x00 // game runs
#define KGS_GAME_INGAME 0x01 // ingame menu state
#define KGS_GAME_RESTART 0x02 // restart game.
#define KGS_GAME_QUIT 0x03 // termiante program
#define KGS_GAME_WON 0x04 // game is won
#define KGS_GAME_LOST 0x05 // game is lost
#define KGS_GAME_START 0x06 // program just started. main menu
#define KGS_GAME_CREDITS 0x07 // credit scroller
#define KGS_GAME_INTRO 0x08 // intro sequence, shown onyl once
#define KGS_GAME_OPTIONS 0x09 // options menu
struct KKriegerMeshCell
sVector Vert[8];
sInt Mode;
KLogic Logic;
class KKriegerMesh : public KObject
KKriegerMesh(GenMesh *mesh);
void Copy(KObject *);
KKriegerMeshCell *Cell;
sInt CellCount;
struct KKriegerCell
sVector BBMin,BBMax; // (obsolete) bounding box
sVector Planes[KKRIEGER_MAXPLANES]; // .. with PlaneCount. normal points INSIDE
sVector Center; // center, for hit-reaction
sInt PlaneCount;
GenScene *Scene; // scene op this cell belongs to
KEvent *Event[2]; // item of collectable, event for item gone
sInt Mode; // add or sub
sInt OnlyForShot; // not used in MoveCollider
KLogic Logic; // what to do..
sU32 Enter; // particle of that (1<<kind) has entered (KCM_ZONE only)
sU32 Leave; // particle of that (1<<kind) has left (KCM_ZONE only)
sU32 Collided; // particle of that (1<<kind) is inside (KCM_ZONE) or has collided (KCM_SUB)
sInt Respawn; // backward-counter to rewspawn
sVector Vertices[8]; // original vertices in world space
// interface
sBool RejectPlane(const sVector &v1,const sVector &v2); // tries to find a plane v1 and v2 are on the same side of
sInt OutsideMask(const sVector &v,sF32 radius=0); // bitmask for each plane if v is outside
sBool IntersectOut(const sVector &p,const sVector &d,sVector &plane,sF32 &dist,sF32 radius=0);
sBool IntersectIn (const sVector &p,const sVector &d,sVector &plane,sF32 &dist,sF32 radius=0);
sF32 approxDistance(const sVector &p); // negative for inside, positive for outside
void Init(const sMatrix &mat,const sVector &scale,sInt mode);
void Init(const sVector *v,sInt mode);
void DoRespawn();
struct KKriegerCellAdd : KKriegerCell
sArray<KKriegerCellAdd*> Adds; // neighbourhood adds
sArray<KKriegerCell*> Subs; // subs inside this add
sArray<KKriegerCell*> Zones; // zones inside this add
struct GenSimpleFaceList *Faces; // collisionfaces
void DeleteFaces();
struct KKriegerCellDynamic : KKriegerCell
sVector Delta; // inverted matrix-movement
sInt Blocked; // during movement, cell was blocked.
sVector OrigPlanes[6]; // original planes.
sVector OrigVertices[8]; // original vertices
// struct KKriegerPartBox *PartBox; // link to partbox, for smashing crates
struct KKriegerMonster *Monster; // connect to monster for hitting
sMatrix ConfirmedMatrix; // the matrix, where the particles are outside (if Active==1)
sMatrix CurrentMatrix; // the matrix that is checked now
sMatrix Matrix0; // matrix at beginning of FRAME (not Tick)
sMatrix Matrix1; // matrix at end of FRAME (not Tick)
void PrepareDynamic(sMatrix &); // copy Orig-values from KKriegerCell, set initial matrix
void ApplyMatrix(sMatrix &mat); // apply the matrix, called by Physic
struct KKriegerCollideInfo // result of ray collision
sVector Plane; // plane of collision face
sVector Pos; // position of collision
sF32 Dist; // penetration depth
sF32 Radius; // move planes toward point by this value (makes point thicker)
sU32 ZoneMask; // bitmask to mark zones enter/leave/collide
sU32 Flags; // KCRF_??
KKriegerCellDynamic *DCell; // collided with dynamic cell
void Init(sU32 zonemask=0,sU32 flags=0)
{ sSetMem(this,0,sizeof(*this)); ZoneMask=zonemask; Flags=flags; }
// flags for CollideRay.
#define KCRF_ISPLAYER 0x0001 // exclude "notforplayer" collisions
#define KCRF_ISMONSTER 0x0002
#define KCRF_COLLPLAYER 0x0004 // collide with player
#define KCRF_COLLMONSTER 0x0008 // collide with monster
struct KKriegerParticle
sInt EndMarker; // last in array.
KKriegerParticle *Next; // linked list
KKriegerConstraint *Cons; // the master of the list knows it's constraints
sInt Kind;
sInt UseNewPos;
sInt VerifyPos; // this particle is new, verify position!
sInt DCellState; // state for dynamic collision movement
KKriegerCellAdd *Cell; // the particle is in this add
KKriegerCellDynamic *SkipCell; // skip this sub
KEvent *ShotEvent; // if this is a shot, here it kills itself on impact
sF32 Damp;
sF32 Mass;
sVector Force; // position-deta created by "hit"
sVector Pos; // current position
sVector OldCollPos;
sVector OldPos; // old position
sVector NewPos; // move cell to new pos during physic. set this to manipulate cell.
// sInt Time;
void Init(sVector &pos,sVector &speed,KKriegerCellAdd *cell);
void Hit(KKriegerGame *,const sVector &pos,const sVector &v,sF32 dist,sInt hitmonster);
void Control(sVector &v);
struct KKriegerConstraint // connect two particles
sInt EndMarker; // last in array.
KKriegerConstraint *Next; // linked list
// sInt Kind;
KKriegerParticle *PartA,*PartB;
sF32 Dist;
struct KKriegerBody
KKriegerParticle Part[5]; // particles that make feet
KKriegerConstraint Cons[10]; // constraints that link feet
KKriegerCellDynamic HitCell; // cell used for hitting monster
void Init(const sVector &pos,KKriegerCellAdd *cell,sInt kpk);
void Add(KKriegerGame *game);
void MoveDelta(const sVector &pos);
struct KKSolidCollider
sVector Pos,OldPos;
KKriegerCellAdd *Cell;
sF32 Radius;
// void Init(const sVector &pos, KKriegerCellAdd *cell);
struct KKMonsterWalkMem // this was copied from the walk operator
sInt Reset;
// KKriegerParticle FootPart[8];
// KKriegerParticle BodyPart;
KKriegerCellAdd *FootCell[8];
sVector FootOld[8];
sVector FootNew[8];
sInt StepTime[8];
sInt LastTime;
sVector OldPos,NewPos,FootCenter;
sInt State; // state 0=walk, 1=run
sInt LastLeg; // 0 = left; 1 = right
sInt NextLeg; // (LastLeg+1)%FootGroup
sInt Idle; // no new steps issued last frame
sVector Deviation; // avoid walls
sInt DeviationFlag;
sInt InitSteps;
sVector FootDelta[8]; // position of the foot-contact point relative to body
sVector LegPosOut[8];
sF32 LegTimeOut;
// monster flags
#define KMF_WHENPREVDEAD 1 // spawn only if previous is dead
#define KMF_WHENMACHINELIVES 2 // spawn only if previous machine is alife
#define KMF_MACHINE 4 // this is a spawn-machine
#define KMF_IMMOBILE 8 // monster can't move!
#define KMS_RESPAWN 0 // monster state
#define KMS_IDLE 1 // monster is not active in any way. dead monsters are here too.
#define KMS_SPAWNED 2 // monster is existing
#define KMS_INRANGE 3 // monster is in range, but AI is not activated.
#define KMS_ACTIVE 4 // monster is activated
struct KKriegerMonster // a monster
sMatrix Matrix; // rotation of monster. translation is a copy of Collider.Pos
// no not change order of this block
sF32 Speed;
sF32 NoticeRadius;
sF32 ChargeRadius;
sInt Flags;
sInt LifeMax;
sInt Armor;
sInt MeeleeHits;
sF32 MeeleeTime;
sInt RangedHits;
sF32 RangedTime;
sF32 RangedAim;
sInt KillSwitch;
sF32 WaitRadius;
sF32 MinRadius;
// end of parameter block
KEvent Event; // the monster itself
KEvent DeathEvent; // the monster itself
sInt Life;
sF32 MeeleeTimer; // 0..MeeleeTime
sF32 RangedTimer; // 0..RangedTime
sInt State; // KMS_???
sInt WalkStyle;
sInt WeaponKind;
KSpline *Spline;
sVector MagnetForce; // abstossung der monster gegeneinander
sVector PosOffset; // offset between matrix end colliderpos
KKSolidCollider Collider;
KKriegerCellDynamic HitCell;
KKMonsterWalkMem WalkMem;
sInt SpawnSwitch;
sInt GetType() const;
void Hit(sInt hits,KKriegerGame *game);
void Sound(sInt handle,sF32 volume);
struct KKriegerPlayer
sInt CurrentWeapon; // current weapon
sInt NextWeapon; // weapon change...
sInt UseKey; // press the use-key
sInt FireKey;
sF32 CoolTimer; // cooldown for weapon
// Collectables... don't change order
sInt Life; // hitpoints
sInt Armor; // absorb before hit
sInt Alpha; // free for use
sInt Beta; // free for use
sInt Ammo[KKRIEGER_AMMOKIND]; // count for ammo
sInt Weapon[KKRIEGER_WEAPONKIND]; // possesion of weapon
// max for collectables.
sInt LifeMax;
sInt ArmorMax;
sInt AlphaMax;
sInt BetaMax;
sInt WeaponMax[KKRIEGER_WEAPONKIND]; // max. 1 weapon
// physics
KKriegerCellDynamic HitCell;
KKSolidCollider Collider;
// interface
void MakeBody(sVector &pos,KKriegerCellAdd *cell);
void Init();
void Hit(sInt hits);
void Sound(sInt handle,sF32 volume=1.0f); // (internal) helper
struct KKriegerRespawn
sInt Valid; // was set by Respawn op
sInt Active; // was activated by player
sVector Pos; // position
sF32 Dir; // look-direction
struct KKriegerGame
KEnvironment *Environment;
// static allocated stuff
sArray<KKriegerCellAdd *> CellAdd;
sArray<KKriegerCell *> CellSub;
sArray<KKriegerCell *> CellZone;
sArray<KKriegerCell *> CellList;
// stuff added each frame
sArray<KKriegerMonster *> Monsters;
sArray<KKriegerShot> Shots;
// KKriegerParticle *PartPtr[KKRIEGER_MAXPARTICLE];
// KKriegerConstraint *ConsPtr[KKRIEGER_MAXCONSTRAINT];
KKriegerCellDynamic *DCellPtr[KKRIEGER_MAXDCELL];
sInt PartUsed;
sInt ConsUsed;
sInt DCellUsed;
#if !sPLAYER
sMaterial *FlatMat;
sInt QuadGeo;
sInt LineGeo;
// player statistics
sVector PlayerPos; // movement
sF32 PlayerLook;
sF32 PlayerDir;
KKriegerCellAdd *PlayerCell; // current cell
sInt CamZoomPos; // toogle 1st and 3rd person
KKriegerPlayer Player;
sU8 Switches[KKRIEGER_SWITCHES]; // logical switches
KKriegerRespawn Respawn[16];
// player dynamics
sMatrix PlayerMat;
sF32 CamOffset;
sF32 SpeedForw; // dynaimc player
sF32 SpeedSide;
sF32 SpeedUp;
sF32 AccelForw;
sF32 AccelSide;
sInt FlyMode; // toggle "fly" mode with 'y'
sBool OnGround;
sBool ResetByOp;
sInt JumpTimer;
sU32 LastCancel;
sInt LastTime;
sInt LastMouseX;
sInt LastMouseY;
sF32 LastCamY;
sVector CamPos;
sF32 Gravity; // Static player
sF32 GravityPlayer;
sF32 DampPlayerAir;
sF32 DampPlayerGround;
sF32 DampPlayerHeight;
sF32 StairHeight;
sF32 EyeHeight;
sF32 MouseTurnSpeed;
sF32 MouseLookSpeed;
sF32 AccelSideFactor;
sF32 AccelForwFactor;
sF32 AccelBackFactor;
sF32 JumpForce;
sVector PlayerStartPos;
sF32 DampPlayerCam;
// Stuff
sBool WasInOptions; // some switches are checked after leaving options
KEvent WeaponEvent; // event for displaying weapon
sF32 WeaponTimer; // time for weapon animation
KOp *WeaponShot[8]; // event for the shot
KOp *WeaponOptics[8]; // event for the weapon mesh
KOp *WeaponExplode[2][8]; // event for hit/miss
sF32 StepTimer; // steptime for player
sInt StepFoot; // stepfoot for player
sF32 OffGroundTime; // time off ground
sInt SplashEnable;
sVector SplashPos;
sF32 SplashRange;
sInt SplashHits;
sInt CollisionForMonsterMode;
sInt LastKey;
sInt TickCount;
sInt PlayerAdds;
// statistics
sInt TickPerFrame;
sInt MaxPlanes;
static sInt CallFindFirstIntersect;
static sInt CallFindSubIntersect;
static sInt CallMoveParticle;
static sInt CallOutsideMask;
static sInt CallIntersectOut;
static sInt CallIntersectIn;
// interface
void Init();
void Exit();
void Flush();
void SetMesh(GenMesh *);
void SetPainter(KOp *,KEnvironment *kenv);
void SetScene(GenScene *);
void SetPlayer(const sVector &,sF32 dir,sF32 look);
void SetSceneR(GenScene *scene,const sMatrix &base,GenScene *usescene,sInt phase);
void AddMesh(KKriegerMesh *,const sMatrix &mat,GenScene *usescene);
void CellSiftDown(sInt n,sInt k);
void CellConnect();
sBool OnKey(sU32 key);
void OnTick(KEnvironment *kenv,sInt slices);
void AddEvents(KEnvironment *kenv);
void OnPaint(sMaterialEnv *env);
void OnOptionsChanged();
void Panic();
void ResetRoot(KEnvironment *kenv,KOp *root,sBool firsttime);
sInt GetNewRoot();
void Restart();
void Continue();
sInt SplashCalc(const sVector &pos,KKriegerCellAdd *cell);
void GetCamera(sMaterialEnv &);
void GetPlayer(sMatrix &);
// sound
void PlayerSound(sInt sound,sF32 volume=1.0f); // sound at player position with player velocity
// game
void ActivateMonster(KKriegerMonster *mon,sInt active);
void MonsterAI(KKriegerMonster *mon,KEnvironment *kenv,sBool machinelife,sBool prevlife);
void MonsterMagnetAI();
sBool ShotAI(KKriegerShot *shot);
void Zones(KEnvironment *kenv);
void RespawnAt(sInt i);
void FireShot(KEnvironment *kenv,sInt weapon,KKriegerMonster *monster,const sVector *monsterfiredir);
// add dynamically managed resources per frame
void FlushPhysic();
// void AddPart(KKriegerParticle *);
// void AddCons(KKriegerConstraint *);
void AddDCell(KKriegerCellDynamic *);
// particles (intern)
// sBool MoveParticle(KKriegerParticle *part,sBool onlyoldcoll);
void Physic(sF32 fade);
// void PhysicCons(KKriegerConstraint *cons);
// void PhysicPart(KKriegerParticle *p);
// void PhysicDCell(KKriegerCellDynamic *cell);
KKriegerCellAdd *FindCell(const sVector &v);
// sBool FindFirstIntersect(const sVector &p0,sVector &p1,KKriegerCellAdd *&cadd,sVector *plane=0);
// sBool FindFirstIntersect(const sVector &d,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCellAdd *&cadd,sVector &plane,sF32 &dist);
// sBool FindSubIntersect(const sVector &d,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCellAdd **list,sInt count,sVector &plane,sF32 &dist);
// sBool FindSubIntersect2(const sVector &d,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCell *cell,sVector &plane,sF32 &distresult);
// sBool IsFreeSpace(sVector &p,KKriegerCellAdd *cell);
// void CheckZones(sVector &p0,KKriegerCellAdd *c0,sVector &p1,KKriegerCellAdd *c1);
// new collision by exot
sBool CollideRay(KKriegerCellAdd *&cadd,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCollideInfo &ci);
sBool CollideRaySub(const sVector &d,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCellAdd **list,sInt count,KKriegerCollideInfo &ci);
sBool CollideRaySub2(const sVector &d,const sVector &p1,const sVector &p0,KKriegerCell *cell,KKriegerCollideInfo &ci);
sBool MoveCollider(KKSolidCollider &collider, const sVector &v,sInt who);
sBool MoveColliderX(KKSolidCollider &collider, const sVector &v,sInt who);
void CollideSoftSphereAdd(sVector &sphere, KKriegerCellAdd **cellList, sInt &count);
void CollideSoftSphereSub(sVector &sphere, KKriegerCell *cell);
void CollideSoftSphereFace(sVector &sphere, const sVector *vertices, int numVertices);
sBool CheckSphereVsFace(const sVector &sphere, const sVector *vertices, int numVertices, sVector &nearestPoint);
sBool CheckSphereVsEdge(const sVector &sphere, const sVector &v1, const sVector &v2, sVector &nearestPoint);
void CreateCollisionFaces(KKriegerCellAdd &add);
sBool SplitCollisionFace(const struct GenSimpleFace &face, const sVector *planes, sInt plane, sInt nPlanes, KKriegerCellAdd &add);
/*** ***/
/*** Operators ***/
/*** ***/
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_Para(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv);
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_Monster(KOp *op);
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_Events(KOp *op);
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_Respawn(sF323 pos,sInt zone,sF32 dir);
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_SplashDamage(sInt hits,sF32 range,sF32 enable);
class KObject * __stdcall Init_KKrieger_MonsterFlags(KOp *op);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_Para(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_Monster(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_Events(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_Respawn(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv,sF323 pos,sInt zone,sF32 dir);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_SplashDamage(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv,sInt hits,sF32 range,sF32 enable);
void __stdcall Exec_KKrieger_MonsterFlags(KOp *op,KEnvironment *kenv,sInt kill,sInt spawn,sInt flags);
/*** ***/
/*** Helpers ***/
/*** ***/
struct KKriegerShot
sInt Weapon;
sInt Mode;
sInt Who; // isplayer or ismonster
sInt DoubleKill;
KEvent *Event; // link to event
KKriegerCellAdd *Cell;
sVector OldPos;
sVector Tensor;
sMatrix Matrix;
void Exit();
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