Get memory usage of a process in Ruby
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Get Process Memory

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Do you need to get the memory usage of a process? Great because this library does that.


In your Gemfile add

gem 'get_process_mem'

then run $ bundle install.

If you're using Windows you'll also need to have the sys-proctable gem.

Use It

Get the current process memory usage:

mem =
puts mem.inspect
#<GetProcessMem @mb=24.28125 @gb=0.023712158203125 @kb=24864.0 @bytes=25460736 >
mem.bytes # => 25460736
mem.kb    # => 24864.0
mem.mb    # => 24.28125    # => 0.023712158203125

Note: All numeric values returned as a float except bytes which is an integer.

Get memory usage of another process:

`echo 'nothing to see here' > tmplogf`
pid = Process.spawn('tail -f tmplog')
mem =
puts mem.inspect
# => #<GetProcessMem @mb=0.48828125 @gb=0.000476837158203125 @kb=500.0 @bytes=512000 >

Process.kill('TERM', pid)

# => "#<GetProcessMem @mb=0.0 @gb=0.0 @kb=0.0 @bytes=0>"
`rm tmplog`

On Linux, for memory size we return the RSS or the Resident Set Size, basically how much memory the program takes up in RAM at the time, including all the shared memory.