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Week 1 Assignment

Learn How to Create Native iOS Clients for Rails Applications

Course Overview

Let's face it: these days, everyone wants an app.

Sure, you could technically use PhoneGap or Titanium, but nothing compares to a native experience. Objective-C may be a scary-looking language (especially for us Rubyists), but under all of those semicolons and square brackets is an elegant, powerful framework. Once you learn the ropes, you'll never want to go back.

In this course, you'll get over your fears of Objective-C and UIKit, and learn how to make iOS apps that talk to a Rails backend.

What You'll Learn

  • How to read and write in Objective-C like a pro
  • How to build iOS apps that use UIKit, MapKit, and other frameworks
  • How to create a Rails backend for your iOS app
  • How to communicate between the client and server


This course assumes a basic working knowledge of Rails and Ruby. No previous Objective-C or iOS programming is required, but you should be comfortable with OOP in general.


Week One: iOS Fundamentals - November 26

9:00 AM Coffee, Tea, and Bagels
9:15 AM Course Overview
10:00 AM Part 1: Introduction to Objective-C
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Part 2: Introduction to UIKit
3:00 PM End of Class

Week Two: Building Our App - December 3

9:00 AM Coffee, Tea and Breakfast Tacos
9:15 AM Part 1: UITableViewController
10:30 AM Part 2: REST APIs with Rails
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Part 3: Client-Server Networking
3:00 PM End of Class

Week Three: Frameworks & Advanced Functionality

9:00 AM Cofee, Tea, and Kolaches
9:15 AM Part 1: Taking & Uploading Photos
10:30 AM Part 2: MapKit and CoreLocation
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Part 3: Advanced Topics
3:00 PM End of Class

Instructor: Mattt Thompson

Mattt (@mattt) has been hacking with Ruby & Rails for over 6 years, and is the founder of Austin.RB, a community for Ruby programmers in Austin. He was also the lead developer behind Gowalla's acclaimed iPhone and iPad clients, and has authored several popular open-source Objective-C libraries, including AFNetworking, FormatterKit, and TTTAttributedLabel. Mattt holds a Bachelors of Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in both Philosophy and Linguistics, as well as minors in Computer Science and Art.