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this is an example app for the likeable gem
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Likeable Example for Rails 3

Example App using likeable ( Based on an example app using devise :)


You can view a screencast of likeable on youtube


Install Redis if it isn't already, if you're on a mac you can run install it using homebrew :

brew install redis

Install bundler if you haven't yet:

gem install bundler

Install the gems:

bundle install

This will install Rails 3, sqlite3-ruby gem and Devise 1.4.7, and likeable.

Rake devise setup task:

rake likeable:setup

This will:

  • drop any existing database
  • create a new database
  • migrate the database
  • create a default user and admin

Run the server and use the credentials provided by the rake task to sign in and test the application.

Navigate to posts and try liking and unliking the post. Its that simple


MIT License. Copyright 2011 schneems

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