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Adds receive functionality to the email testing application mockSMTP
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## mockIMAP

mockIMAP is a plugin that compliments MockSMTP allows you to send and view emails in a test environment without a connection to the internet. If you are utilizing mockSMTP then the mockIMAP is a plugin that will allow you to test your receive method by downloading the last message sent to the test SMTP server. 

## install

script/plugin install git://

requires sqlite3

sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby

## Parameters

:location => (location to the file in mockSMTP) 

Note, :location is optional and will default to /Users/yourusername/Documents/MockSMTP/ You can find this path by opening preferences in MockSMTP.

## Examples

# get array of all emails
>> emails = getMockEmails
=> [email(0)]

# get last email sent
>> lastEmail = getMockEmails.last
=> email(last)

# specify location of the mockSMTP data file - (only needed if you move the data file)
>> emails = getMockEmails(:location => '/Users/richardschneeman/Documents/MockSMTP/'
=>  [email(0)]

## About

I created this to help test out my rails application WhySpam.Me allows you to generate a  [free disposable email]( that you can give to websites. If they start to send you spam, you can destroy the disposable email and submit a survey letting the world know who sells your information.  If you want to fight back against spam, or just want to check out my site i would appreciate the visit. WhySpam is a creative commons licensed open source project, help out at:

I am not affiliated with mockSMTP

Copyright (c) 2009 [Richard Schneeman || ], released under the MIT license 

## Issues

1. Will not download attachments (i think, haven't tested this)
2. Need feedback for additional use cases, I only ever need the last email sent, but maybe a lookup based on to_email, etc. Let me know how you would envision this plugin working. 
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