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Because retry was already taken.


In your Gemfile add:

gem 'rrrretry'

Then run bundle install.

What Does it Do?

Monkey patches Enumerable to add a method called retry that attempts to run code for every element, returns the first valid run.

If code does not return, the original error will be raised.

Whoa Crazy! Give me an example:

Most people will use it for network communication like this:

10.times.retry do

But if you prefer runnable examples check these out:

First run returns a divided by 0 error, so the next result is returned.

[0, 1, 2].each.retry { |i| 1/i }
  # => 1

If there are no valid returns, the last error will be raised.

[0, 1, 2].each.retry { raise "bar" }
  # => RuntimeError: bar

By default only StandardError is caught, multiple error types can be specified.

array = [->{ raise Exception }, ->{ raise SignalException }, ->{ 1 }]
array.each.retry(Exception, SignalException) { |i| i.call }
  # => 1

For the sake of reporting, previous exceptions are passed to the block.

[0, 1].each.retry do |i, ex|
  puts "LOG: Retrying due to exception: #{ex.to_s}" unless ex.nil?
  raise "bar"
  # => LOG: Retrying due to exception: bar
  # => RuntimeError: bar

Is it Complex?

Naw, it's 8 lines of ruby:

def retry(*exceptions, &block)
  exceptions << StandardError if exceptions.empty?
  enum       ||= self.to_enum
  yield enum.next
rescue *exceptions => e
  last_exception = e and retry unless e.is_a? StopIteration
  raise last_exception unless last_exception.nil?


Because I needed this code in more than one project, I didn't like the other solutions, and because coding is fun.

Isn't Monkey Patching Evil?

Yes. Do as I say, not as I do.


MIT YO. See MIT-LICENSE for more info.