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Helps you find your routes on a long Journey on Rails


Show routes in your Rails app. Visit http://localhost:3000/rails/routes and you'll see an output similar to rake routes

Sextant Gem


Running rake routes is slow and painful, mostly due to the time to initialize rails. Since you likely have your rails server booted, you can save this time by rendering the routes in a web request. You can only develop as quick as your tools will allow, so speeding up your tools speeds your development. Sextant allows you to quickly see your routes.


Add this to your Gemfile

  gem 'sextant'

Then run bundle install and you're ready to start


Visit /rails/routes in your app and you'll see your routes. It's that simple.

Don't worry you can only see this info in development


If you have a question file an issue or find me on the Twitters @schneems.

This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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