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Redirect back to the last step #6

rahul100885 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In my application user has to filled 7 steps for Visit model. But he can choose to exit from any step but if that user is coming back I want to show him what was his last step and redirect him there.

I tried to set a value for step but its not working


Ya got solution..
Override index in controller

def index
redirect_to wizard_path(@visit.last_step.present? ? next_step(@visit.last_step.to_sym) : steps.first)

But it would be great if their is any mechanism to do do


You'll need to store the state somewhere of the last controller action visited somewhere you could pass it into the link where the user is exiting the wizard flow. You could also store it in the session. Looks like you got a good solution above. Thanks for trying out Wicked!

@schneems schneems closed this
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