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Supporting files for the Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and TypeScript workshop.
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Schedule and
Setting up ASP.NET

Getting Started with Angular 2, ASP.NET Core, and TypeScript

NOTE: these workshop materials are no longer maintained as I don't give this workshop anymore. I'll keep it here while it's still useful to someone!

Hi! This repo is for all things related to the Angular 2, ASP.NET Core, and TypeScript workshop given by Spencer Schneidenbach.


We'll be covering a wide variety of subjects in a very short amount of time (only 8 hours!) Here is the rough order:

Subject Time End Time
Intro 15 minutes 8:15 AM
TypeScript basics 30 minutes 8:45 AM
Angular 2 - Hello World 30 minutes 9:15 AM
Break 15 minutes 9:30 AM
Angular 2 - Components and templating 75 minutes 10:45 AM
Break 15 minutes 11:00 AM
Angular 2 - Pipes and styling 60 minutes 12:00 PM
Lunch 60 minutes 1:00 PM
Angular 2 - Nested components 60 minutes 2:00 PM
Break 15 minutes 2:15 PM
Angular 2 - Services 45 minutes 3:00 PM
Angular 2 - RxJS Intro 15 minutes 3:15 PM
Break 15 minutes 3:30 PM
Angular 2 - RxJS, Observables, and HTTP 45 minutes 4:15 PM
ASP.NET Core 45 minutes 5:00 PM


Everything here is licensed under the MIT license.


Email - sas DOT projects AT me DOT com Twitter - @schneidenbach LinkedIn -

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