Codebase for an STM32F746 discovery board used to upgrade an HP 141T Spectrum Analyzer display.
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HP141T LCD Upgrade

This firmware is designed to run on an STM32F746G Discovery board used to upgrade the CRT of an HP141T spectrum analyzer.

A demo video with hardware connections and an overview of this codebase can be found on my channel here:


Code was developed on Arch Linux. More work may be required to get it to compile on other distros.

You will require:

  • arm-none-eabi-gcc, arm-none-eabi-gdb
  • the STM32 cube F7 software suite (I install this at /opt/STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.5.0, you will have to modify STM32_LIBS in the makefile for different directories)
  • A recent version of openocd

Building the code

$ make

Will generate out.elf (this can be modified by changing EXECUTABLE in the makefile)

Flashing / debugging

In one terminal:

$ make debug_server

This will start the openocd server enabling gdb to communicate with the STM32F7 board.

In another terminal:

$ debug_gdb

This will load the out.elf you compiled, flash it to the board and break at main. Type c and hit enter to continue execution. Alternatively you can just disconnect the board and reconnect it.