Paje Next Generation - Data Analysis of Paje Files
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PajeNG - Trace Visualization Tool

PajeNG (Paje Next Generation) is a re-implementation (in C++) and direct heir of the well-known Paje visualization tool for the analysis of execution traces (in the Paje File Format) through trace visualization (space/time view). The tool is released under the GNU General Public License 3. PajeNG comprises the libpaje library, and a set of auxiliary tools to manage Paje trace files (such as pj_dump and pj_validate). The space-time visualization tool called pajeng is deprecated (removed from the sources) since modern tools do a better job (see pj_gantt, for instance, or take a more general approach using R+ggplot2 to visualize the output of pj_dump). This effort was started as part of the french INFRA-SONGS ANR project. Development has continued through a collaboration between INF/UFRGS and INRIA.

Two-line Installation

 sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential libboost-dev asciidoc flex bison;
 git clone git:// ; mkdir -p pajeng/b ; cd pajeng/b ; cmake .. ; make install

Detailed Installation and everything else

Check the PajeNG's wiki.