Kirby 2 CMS plugin that generates an sitemap.xml and HTML sitemap
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Sitemap Plugin

A plugin for Kirby 2 CMS that generates an sitemap.xml and HTML sitemap.


Copy or link the sitemap directory to site/plugins/ or use the Kirby CLI:

kirby plugin:install schnti/kirby-sitemap

Config Variables

  • ka.sitemap.excludeSites: Array of page UIDs (Default: array('error'))
  • ka.sitemap.excludeTemplates: Array of template names (Default: array())
  • ka.sitemap.includeSites: Array of page UIDs (Default: array())
  • ka.sitemap.showInvisibleSites: true / false (Default: false)
  • ka.sitemap.importantSites: Array of page UIDs (Default: array('kontakt'))
c::set('ka.sitemap.excludeSites', array('error', 'sitemap', 'kontakt/danke'));
c::set('ka.sitemap.excludeTemplates', array('fahrzeug', 'leistung'));
c::set('ka.sitemap.includeSites', array('impressum', 'datenschutz'));
c::set('ka.sitemap.showInvisibleSites', false);
c::set('ka.sitemap.importantSites', array('kontakt'));

How to use it


Visit the sitemap at this url:

There is no actual file generated.

HTML sitemap

Use this simple tag which lets you output an HTML sitemap.

In your text file you can use it as follows: