Modified version of milanw's Python script for downloading e-books from springerlink.
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Download Script for e-books hosted on

Author: Rocco Schulz <schocco.rulz(ät)> / <>
author of original script:Milian Wolff <> / <>
licencse:GPL v3 (


This is a modified version of milanw's download script. It has been restructured for better extensibility and was enhanced with multi-threading support to speed up downloads. is a command-line utility to download educational e-books from <>. You must have permissions to access the contents hosted on in order to use this script.

The script cannot be used to obtain illegal copies of those ebooks. It is intended to be used from your university network which might have free access to the contents of SpringerLink if your institution has a license.

The script downloads all chapters of a book and merges them into one PDF file.



Option Explanation
-h, --help Display this usage message
-l LINK Same as --link=LINK
--link=LINK Defines the link of the book to start downloading The link to your the detail page of the ebook of your choice on SpringerLink. It lists book metadata and has a possibly paginated list of the chapters of the book. It has the form: Where: HASH is a string consisting of lower-case, latin chars and numbers. STUFF is optional and looks like ?p=...&p_o=... or similar. Will be stripped.
-c ISBN Same as --content=ISBN
--content=ISBN Defines the book to download by it's ISBN or content hash


A big thank you goes to Springer for hosting all these books _and_ allowing access to students/educational institutions.

Legal Note

Springerlink is © Springer and part of Springer Science+Business Media.