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David Schoch edited this page Aug 6, 2019 · 9 revisions

The wiki shows some examples of layouts for large graphs calculated with graphlayouts and compared to some igraph algorithms.

Most graphs are taken from the sparse matrix collection.


graph full stress sparse stress (50 pivots) sparse stress (100 pivots) drl (igraph) mds (igraph) pivot mds (50 pivots) pivot mds (100 pivots)
1138bus (n=1138, m=1458) 2.6s 0.4s 0.7s 1.7s 1.4s 0.05s 0.08s
3elt (n=4720, m=13722) 113s 3.4s 5.2s 8.4s 95s 1s 1.1s
power grid (n=4941, m=6594) 134s 3.4s 5.6s 6.9s 114s 1s 1.1s
pesa (n=11738 m=67828) - 18.3s 26.5s 21s - 6.3s 6.8s
cond-mat(n=13861 m=44619) - 22.9s 33.5s 24.8s - 8.0s 8.7s
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