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Digital Design with Chisel

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This book is an introduction to digital system design using a modern hardware construction language, Chisel. In this book we focus on a slightly higher abstraction level to get you up to speed to build more complex, interacting digital systems.

A compiled PDF version of the book is available at Digital Design with Chisel PDF. Translations in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese are also available here.

The book is available at Amazon.

In case you want to cite the book:

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This book project has an accompanying repository containing Chisel examples.

To build the Chisel book from the source you need make, latex, sbt, and a Java JDK (1.8 or later) installed. Then you simply build with:


The book also contains slides for a one semester course on digital electronics with Chisel. The slides are here. You can see a lecture plan for a course given at DTU and the corresponding lab material.