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Current hardware design is dominated by two languages, VHDL and Verilog, which are about 30 years old. They have originally not been designed for hardware synthesis. Therefore, a lot of constructs in the languages cannot be implemented in hardware and basic synthesizable constructs (combinational logic, registers, and memory) are are only 'inferred' from code in a typical style.

However, several projects build on the active development of new languages for classic software development and adapt it for hardware description languages (HDL). This GitHub project is about getting an overview what is out on new tools and trying to assess the pro and cons for individual languages.

The repository currently contains currently only tiny examples in VHDL, myHDL, and Chisel.

It also contains a minimum setup example for Chisel, as the original getting started example from Chisel was a too complex setup. This has changed now with a complete example in the Chisel