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This directory contains the MyHDL implementation for the examples in the comphdl effort. Currently, this includes a:

  1. vending machine
  2. leros processor
  3. ???

The directory is organized as:

          myhdl/           # python source lives here
          test_verilogs/   # test the generated verilogs

It is very important that the examles are working examples, some focus on verification. The test_verilogs will be able to verify each of the generated Verilog from each language. This is similar to the examples in alt.hdl.

MyHDL Cheetsheet

The following are some notes/hints for basic MyHDL topics.


The base type in MyHDL is an intbv. This is a range limited integer that can be bit accessed.

# signed 32-bit value
>>> sint32 = intbv(0, min=-2**31, max=2**31)
>>> uint32 = intbv(0, min=0, max=2**32)
# or
>>> uint32 = intbv(0)[32:]

>>> print(len(sint32), sint32.min, sint32.max)
(32, -2147483648, 2147483648)
>>> print(len(uint32), uint32.min, uint32.max)
(32, 0, 4294967296)

The MyHDL preferred way is not to think about a bit width but rather the range of number required for a task. Example, if a counter is needed that counts from 0 to 312 (because you have upto 312 things to count) then an intbv can be defined

>>> counter = intbv(0, min=0, max=313)
>>> print(len(counter), counter.min, counter.max)
(9, 0, 313)

Notice that Python uses exlcusive on the max range and inclusive on the min range, this is the format adopted by the Python community.