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A clean theme inspired from hugo-paper.

Zola port of Hugo-Paper (with a few tweaks).


Screenshot Dark Mode Screenshot


The easiest way to install this theme is to either clone it ...

git clone themes/zola-paper

... or to use it as a submodule.

git submodule add themes/zola-paper

Either way, you will have to enable the theme in your config.toml.

theme = "zola-paper"

Open Graph Integration

This theme has an integration of Open Graph meta tags. These are set based on context and available information. See the following example:

title = "Lorem ipsum!"

author = "Max Mustermann"
author_url = ""
banner_path = "default-banner"

tags = ["rust", "zola", "blog"]

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc eu feugiat sapien. Aenean ligula nunc, laoreet id sem in, interdum bibendum felis. Donec vel dui neque.
<!-- more -->
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Required attributes of the extra section is author. All other attributes are optional. The path for the banner_path attribute has to be relative to the content directory.