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Control Panel

It's an easily customizable system control panel. It comes with a tray icon to show the panel if it's hidden.

Control Panel

It's written in C++ based on Qt5. It could serve as a demo on how to use tray icons and how to run shell commands with the system function.

Example configuration

Example configuration file ~/.config/controlpanel/buttons.conf:

# This is a comment line.

# Columns are separated with a tab:

# - Button caption
# - Primary button shell command
# - Shell command to determine button visibility (default: always visible)
# - Flag to indicate if the window should be hidden after clicking the button
#   (0 or 1; default: 0 -> window is not hidden)

# Trailing columns can be omitted.

# Don't forget the trailing "&" in the primary command
# to run a command in background.

# :quit and :close are special commands.

Herunterfahren	xmessage shutdown -h now &	true
Tastatur	florence &	true	0
Netzwerk	nm-connection-editor &	true	1
Fernwartung aktivieren	xmessage autossh ...	! ps -C autossh
Fernwartung deaktivieren	florence &	ps -C autossh
Invisible	xmessage hallo &	false
Schließen	:close
Beenden	:quit


Required packages (on Debian):

qt5-qmake      # included in qt5-default?


This is my first Qt project and it's years ago that I programmed in C++. So maybe I use pointers vs. references inconsistently. Probably there are some variables, parameters, or methods that should better be const. Maybe I forgot to delete some objects (unsure what Qt deletes for me). And the design is still evolving :)


A customizable control panel with tray icon written in C++/Qt5



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