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Python package

Documentation Status


scholarly is a module that allows you to retrieve author and publication information from Google Scholar in a friendly, Pythonic way.

Important Note

This is version 1.1 of the scholarly library. There has been a major refactor in the way the library operates and it's code structure and it will break most existing code, based on the previous versions.


Check the documentation for a complete reference and a quickstart quide.


Use pip to install from pypi:

pip3 install scholarly

or pip to install from github:

pip3 install -U git+


Run the tests

To run tests execute the file as:

python3 test_module


python3 -m unittest -v

Build Docs

To build the documentation execute the make file as:

make html


The original code that this project was forked from was released by Luciano Bello under a WTFPL license. In keeping with this mentality, all code is released under the Unlicense.