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A lightweight framework for building interactive maps and publishing them on the web.
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.tx Gets rid of unused slug filter on records API.
assertions Bumps copyright to 2014, because time.
controllers Overwritten methods should have compatible signatures.
docs Gets rid of modelines.
forms Bumps copyright to 2014, because time.
grunt In the Grunt uglify task, write the Jasmine vendor payload.
helpers Fixed problem with the tests.
jobs Bumps copyright to 2014, because time.
languages Updated i18n.
layers For now, scrubs out stubbed in AWMC base layer, pending a durable sol…
lib/geoPHP Upgrade geoPHP to 1.2, which fixes php 5.6 errors.
migrations Also index and search on `item_title` in the admin console.
models Also index and search on `item_title` in the admin console.
tests When a record is unselected, only hide the static bubble if the unsel…
views Checked the CKEditor files into git.
.editorconfig Adds underscore.string to the editor build.
.gitignore Untrack and .gitignore composer.lock/phar. Updated changelog.
Gemfile In the grunt pot task, just wildcard all PHP files, and then exclude …
Gemfile.lock When queueing the static assets for an exhibit theme, try to include …
Gruntfile.js Adds git tag/commit grunt tasks to automate releases.
LICENSE Add a LICENSE file, set license key in package.json.
NeatlinePlugin.php Also index and search on `item_title` in the admin console. Hotfixing the logo link in the README. Added paranoia to the release checklist.
Rakefile Gets rid of obsolete commit-static tasks in the Rakefile.
bower.json Version 2.5.1.
composer.json Moves to Composer for PHPUnit installation.
package.json Bumped version to 2.5.1.
paths.json Revert "Installs Q."
plugin.ini Version 2.5.1.
plugin.php Also index and search on `item_title` in the admin console.
routes.ini Changes the items controller so that it's possible to _just_ pass an …
setup Adds a standalone setup script.
strings.json Adds strings.json file with editor strings.
styles.ini Synchronizes front-end style defaults with styles.ini configuration f…

Neatline Logo


Neatline is a lightweight, extensible framework for creating interactive editions of visual materials - maps, paintings, photographs, and anything else that can be captured as an image.

Built as a plugin for Omeka, a collection-management framework developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, Neatline adds a digital map-making environment that makes it easy to represent geospatial information as a collection of "records" plotted on a map, which can be bound together into interactive exhibits that tell stories and make arguments.

Designed for scholars, archivists, journalists, and students, Neatline provides a flexible set of tools that can be adapted to fit the needs of a wide range of digital mapping projects. In addition to the core content management system, Neatline exposes a flexible programming API and "sub-plugin" system makes it easy for developers to add custom functionality for specific projects - everything from simple UI widgets up to really elaborate modifications that extend the core data model and add completely new interactions.

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