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@davidmcclure davidmcclure released this Aug 7, 2013 · 985 commits to develop since this release

Added Features

  • Makes it possible to turn spatial querying on and off on a per-exhibit basis. This makes it possible to avoid the added load on the server incurred by real-time querying for exhibits that don't need it (eg, when there are just a handful of records).

Changed Features

  • Increases up the size of the "SVG" input textarea to make it easier to see the SVG markup after it's been pasted in.
  • Gets rid of HTML sanitization on exhibit and record models that was scrubbing out data-neatline-slug attributes in the markup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug that was making it impossible to paste values from the clipboard into the hex value input boxes for the color fields in the "Style" tab.
  • Fixes a problem that was causing item imports to fail when other plugins were installed that made use of the public_show_items hook (eg, Coins).
  • Fixes performance problems in Chrome related to hardware-acceleration styles on OpenLayers tile images.

API Changes

  • Upgrades OpenLayers to v2.13.1.
  • Upgrades jQuery to v2.0.3.
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