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@davidmcclure davidmcclure released this Sep 24, 2013 · 884 commits to master since this release

Added Features

  • Re-adds a "fullscreen" exhibit mode from 1.x, which fills the entire screen with the Neatline exhibit and hides the regular theme markup.
  • In the record edit form, the "Save" and "Delete" buttons are now fixed at the bottom of the screen, making it possible to save the record without first having to scroll to the bottom of the form.
  • When items are imported from Omeka, coverage data created with Neatline Features is now automatically inserted into the corresponding Neatline records.

Changed Features

  • Assorted UX tweaks in the editor associated with the move to Bootstrap 3 - makes the "New Record" button larger, displays more of the record body content in the browse view, makes the close "X" button larger on the record edit forms.
  • Contributor users are now able to view other users' non-public exhibits, which follows the general pattern for other resource types (eg, items).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a set of minor problems that was causing features not to unhighlight on mouseleave under certain circumstances (eg, when a new batch of records is rendered on the map while the cursor is hovering on a feature).
  • Fixes a bug that caused post-2.0 migrations not to run when upgrading from a 2.0 pre-release version (eg, 2.0-alpha2, 2.0-rc3, etc).
  • Fixes a bug that caused Omeka item imports to fail when using the Amazon S3 storage adapter.

API Changes

  • Upgrates Bootstrap to v3.0.0-rc2.

Repository Changes

  • Changes default column width in all source files from 76 -> 80 characters.
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