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@davidmcclure davidmcclure released this Jan 15, 2014 · 471 commits to master since this release

Added Features

  • Adds a new interface for linking Neatline records to Omeka items that makes it possible to browse the entire collection of items, run full-text searches, and instantaneously preview the Omeka content (metadata, images, etc.) as it will appear in the public Neatline exhibit.
  • When Omeka items are imported into Neatline, plain-text WKT or KML values in the Dublin Core "Coverage" field are now automatically imported Neatline's coverage field and display on the map. (Previously, this only worked if the coverage on the item was created with the Neatline Features plugin.)
  • Adds a system of interactive documentation that builds reference materials for each individual input and control in the editor directly into the interface. Now, the heading for each input is followed by a ? button that, when clicked, overlays a document with information about what the control does, how to use it, and how it interacts with other functionality in the editor.
  • Adds a link to the Neatline exhibits browse page to the public navigation.
  • Adds a "View the item in Omeka" link to the default template used to represent Omeka items in Neatline exhibits.
  • Makes it possible to add both vector annotations and WMS layers to the same Neatline record.
  • In the editor, the map is now bidirectionally synchronized with the "Coverage" input on the record edit form. For example, if WKT is pasted into the input, the map will automatically update the edit layer to display the new coverage.

Performance Improvements

  • Optimizes the records API so that it avoids re-transmitting records that have already been pushed to the client by previous queries. This significantly improves performance in exhibits that have records with large quantities of metadata - e.g., map geometries derived from SVG documents with many thousands of points.
  • Patches up a memory leak on the map view caused by marooned references to deleted layers on the cursor control instances.
  • Fixes fullscreen, white "flashes" that occasionally occurred in the editor when using Chrome on Macbook Pros with retina displays, which were caused by a bug in Chrome related to CSS transitions on scrollable, fixed-position divs.

User-Interface Improvements

  • Touches up the UI and styling in the editor interface - changes the body font, adds in fieldset legends in the "Map" and "Text" tabs, increases the height of the "Coverage" textarea, adds darkened background color to focused text inputs.
  • Adds an interactive tag selection UI to the "Widgets" multiselect in the "Style" tab on the record form.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug that caused the Omeka item search feature in the record form to display the the title of an item's parent collection, not the item itself, when the item belonged to a collection.
  • Fixes a bug that caused modal windows in the editor (eg, the record delete confirmation pop-up) to get stuck on the screen if the user changed the route while the modal was open.
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