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Add a humans.txt file #107

clioweb opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In the spirit of open credit, we should consider adding a humans.txt file to Prism. This should list everyone who has contributed to the project, and also list credits to the various tools and applications we've used in the making of the project.

The Praxis site, for example, has a modest humans.txt available.


humans.txt was added in 4e5ea8a, but does need to be updated with team members.


Updated the humans.txt here using the 'humans' gem, which pulls a list of all people who have committed to the github repository. Obviously this had lots of problems - some SLab people are very much part of the team but hadn't committed anything, and some people had multiple accounts they had committed from. I cleaned it up and organized it. In the future, people will probably just want to hard code the newcomers to the team. The 'humans' gem works fine for a one time dump. Also, I sent an email to people suggesting they commit changes to their own information if they had any.


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