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Welcome to the SLab Zine Wall! Please take a zine to read or keep—we can print more.

As of 10/23/2018, our Zine Wall has:

  1. UVA Disorientation Guide,
  2. Handbook for the Activist Archivist (Los Angeles Archivists Collective),
  3. Oops, I made an open-source art tool! (Kate Compton),
  4. The Tyranny of Civility (Marc Mazique),
  5. Hip Hip Array! (Amy Wibowo),
  6. Networking! Ack! (Julia Evans),
  7. Let's learn tcpdump (Julia Evans),
  8. Opulent Artifical Intelligence: A Manifesto (Kate Compton),
  9. Really Friendly Command Line Intro (Tracy Osborn),
  10. R3PAIR (continent 6.1 / 2017; eds. Lara Houston, Daniela K. Rosner, Steven J. Jackson, Jaimie Allen),
  11. "GIT PURR! Git Commands Explained with Cats!" (Tomomi Imura),
  12. "everyone’s an AI when ur an AI too: a bot by galaxykate" (Kate Compton),
  13. "Encyclopedia of Generativity" (Kate Compton),
  14. "Tracery: A text generation JS Library" (Kate Compton),
  15. "Bot Poetics" (Kate Compton),