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The Framework for Internal Navigation and Discovery (FIND) is like indoor GPS for your house or business, using only a simple smartphone or laptop.

This version, 3.X, is a complete re-write of the previous versions 2.x.

About the project

This repository is a complete re-write of the previous version of FIND ( There are notable improvements from the previous version:

  • Support for any data source - Bluetooth / WiFi / magnetic fields / etc. (previously just WiFi)
  • Passive scanning built-in (previously required a separate server)
  • Support for Bluetooth scanning in scanning utility (previously just WiFi)
  • Meta-learning with 10 different machine learning classifiers (previously just three)
  • Client uses Websockets+React which reduces bandwidth (and coding complexity)
  • Rolling compression of MAC addresses for much smaller on-disk databases (see stringsizer)
  • Data storage in SQLite-database (previously it was BoltDB)
  • Released under MIT license (more commercially compatible than AGPL)

The API for sending fingerprints (/track and /learn) and MQTT endpoints are backward compatible.


FIND3 is stable and ready for use.


FIND3 is a framework with multiple components. There are multiple repositories that have the components, including:

Reporting issues

Please report issues through this repo's issue tracker.


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Use the FIND mailing list for discussion about use and development.