A command-line journal that is distributed and encrypted, making it easy to jot notes πŸ““
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Version 2.1.0 Github Releases Build Status

gojot is a modern command-line journal that is distributed and encrypted by default.

Ok. But, really, gojot is just a fancy wrapper for git that allows you to make time-stamped entries to encrypted documents while keeping the entire document synchronized. gojot is great for a distributed and encrypted journal and is compatible with all major operating systems. gojot is a single binary (with a text-editor built-in!), so you only need git to get started.

More info can be found in the documentation.

Note: The previous non-git version of gojot can be found here.


  • Only one dependency: git (version 2.5+)
  • Single binary, Cross-compatibility (Windows/Linux/OS X).
  • Fulltext encryption using OpenPGP, compatible with gpg.
  • Filename encryption using ChaCha20.
  • Built-in text editor, micro (but options for emacs/vim/nano).
  • Built-in version control (all versions are saved, currently only newest is shown).
  • Searching, summarizing, synchronized deletion, self-updating, collision management, and more.


Example editing a public Github repository:

gojot new.txt # edit a new document, new.txt
gojot --summary # list a summary
gojot --search "dogs cats" # find all entries that mention 'dogs' or 'cats'`
gojot --help # for more information

For more information, see https://gojot.schollz.com


First install git (version 2.5+). If you are on Ubuntu, you can get the latest version of git using:

add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa -y
apt-get update
apt-get install git -y


To install, just download the latest gojot release.


use go get if you have installed Go:

go get -u github.com/schollz/gojot


Logo graphic from logodust.

Inspiration from these tools.

Southwest Airlines for providing two mechanical failures that gave me 8+ extra hours to code this.

Stack overflow (see code for attributions).



This software includes third party open source software components: src/base58* and src/merge*. Each of these software components have their own license and copyright, stated in the respective files.