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@schollz schollz released this Jul 20, 2019


1a8a050 bump
caaed23 Merge pull request #14 from 0x333333/master
bdd0536 Fix a typo.
47ef115 fix handling of relative path
e98f05e check it webkitRelativePath exists
ab215af fix dockerfile
3a62f09 add docker fixes #10
d34a5bc add Dockerfile
e96dfb9 Merge pull request #8 from dmuth/master
b458bac Added Homebrew installation instructions

Assets 25

@schollz schollz released this Jul 12, 2019 · 27 commits to master since this release


7094dd3 Update
c197e11 Update
839b47d add crazy gif
70e81d7 allow bots
b4d1303 update style
e19772c Update
81c1f8f update urls
a039265 update urls

Assets 25
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