A responsive minimalist theme for Hugo that is simple as 1, 2, 3
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This is a minimalistic, responsive theme that is simple as one, two, three. It has some neat features like captioning images, but its best quality is its lack of features (no jQuery, no huge image banners, no post previews, no word counts, etc.) which I've always found unnecessary and thus cluttering.

Check out the demo at https://schollz.github.io/onetwothree/.

Screenshot of theme


git clone https://github.com/schollz/onetwothree.git themes/onetwothree
hugo server -t onetwothree


Add these parameters to your configuration file:

    twitter = "yakczar"
    navigation = ["about.md"]
    style = ""

The twitter parameter will put a footer on your pages on how to contact you (with the subject being the page URL) to comment on the page.

The navigation parameter will pick which pages to list at the top bar. I'm aware that the template HTML could just loop through the pages, but I've found that this method is 120x faster, which is useful when you have thousands of posts.

The style parameter can be changed to "2" or "3" to use different styles.