Markov-chain generation of 🔬 science article names
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What is in a science paper name? Demo

Generate titles/abstracts from a Markov chain determined from the most popular science papers of all time. The dataset was generated by extracting the titles and abstracts from the 18,000 most cited science articles according to the Web of Science. The titles and abstracts for a given subject were then fed into jsvine's Markov chain generator.

I also created a word cloud from these titles (which shows it pays to be a cell biologist who studies expression of human protein receptors).

Look no further for a name for your next Science/Nature paper.

If you'd like to run the code yourself:

git clone
cd topscience
python3 -m pip install bibtexparser markovify Pillow numpy
python3     # get a cup of coffee while you wait for this...
python3 -m http.server 
# Now open your browser to http://localhost:8000