Library for interacting with the isbndb REST endpoints
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Java Library for interacting with the isbndb REST endpoints. There is a default 1 second interval betweeen calls, which is enforced as a minimum.

isbndb library is dependent on the following libraries:

import java.util.List;
import net.scholnick.isbndb.BooksProxy;
import net.scholnick.isbndb.domain.Author;
import net.scholnick.isbndb.domain.Book;

// all books with virus in the title
List<Book> books = BooksProxy.getInstance().getBooks("virus");

// exact book by ISBN
Book book = BooksProxy.getInstance().getBookByISBN("9780684853505");

// Title with spaces (BooksProxy automatically handles the spaces)
List<Book> books = BooksProxy.getInstance().getBooks("bag of bones");

net.scholnick.isbndb.BooksProxy must know your isbn developer API key. Two methods:

BooksProxy.getInstance().setDeveloperKey("YOUR_KEY"); // before any getBooks() calls

Create and store it in your classpath