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This is a boilerplate Data Package in the form of a GitHub Template.

Instructions: download, extract and modify this repository on your computer, then create a new repository and upload your work. Start by editing the file, changing this text to a short summary of what this data set is about. If this sounds difficult, you should also consider using data desktop as a starting point.


Instructions: Accessible data files (ideally in simple data formats such as CSV, JSON and GeoJSON), as well as the raw data, are placed in the data folder. In this section you should mention the files and formats included. It is good to suggest purposes for this data, such as example applications or use cases. Include any relevant background, contact points, and links that may help people to use this data. You can find examples of this at or, and further tips at and


Instructions: describe here where you obtained the data, how it was created, where and how it was extracted, and any transformation steps that took place during publication. Link to the sources, as well as to any tools that were used. If you used any scripts to extract and convert the data, add them to a script folder in your repository.


Instructions: check the text below, and adapt it and the file as needed. Explain any special conditions which allow the (re)publication of this data. Anything that may be relevant to future users of the data should be explained here.

The licensing terms of this dataset have not yet been established. If you intend to use these data in a public or commercial product, check with each of the data sources for any specific restrictions.

This Data Package is made available by its maintainers under the Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0, a copy of the full text of which is in


A boilerplate Data Package





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