Gateways and sample measurements of TTN activity in Zürich
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Data from The Things Network (TTN) gateways in Zürich, collected as part of ongoing research and originally provided by Benedikt Hitz-Gamper (Institute of Information Systems, University of Bern) for the TWIST 2018 hackathon. Uploaded by @gnz and reformatted by @loleg as Geospatial Data Package for publication at

Data files

File ttn_gateways.csv (134 rows)

  • device_id: unique key for device_id in table ttn_measurements (this is an internal key, not connected with TTN IDs)
  • eui_id: id used by TTN to uniquely identify gateways
  • platform: make/model of gateway if provided
  • category: clustered value for platform
  • lat/lng: location of gateway if provided
  • altitude: altitute of gateway if provided
  • ETH_dist: distance from gateway to ETH main building (selection criteria for gateways is < 20km)

File ttn_measurements.csv (750926 rows)

(Distributed as ZIP-compressed file, with .preview file available)

  • id: unique id
  • device_id: key for device_id in table ttn_gateways
  • last_online: last handshake of gateway with TTN backend
  • rx_ok: number of packets received by this gateway (counter is never reset)
  • tx_in: number of packets sent by this gateway (counter is never reset)
  • measured_at: time of measurement

To decide whether a gateway is online, verify the difference of measured_at - last_online. If difference is smaller than 30 to 90 seconds, the gateway was online at this time.

Note: Somethimes last_online is greater than measured_at, this has to do with the fact that the values get actually stored in the database after measured_at and sometimes even a newer last_online is available.

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Data part of ongoing research, provided by Benedikt Hitz-Gamper, Institute of Information Systems, University of Bern,


The content in this repository is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 License (see the LICENSE file for details) unless stated otherwise.

License: CC BY-SA 4.0